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Dump-Squad offer Disposal Bin Rentals in Toronto and the GTA. As one of the best companies in the industry, we are proud to a local owned and operated company. Depending on your needs, Dump-Squad can help you with choosing the right size bin at a budget that is suitable for you.

In order to better assist you with this process, you must know what exactly it is that you are disposing. There are two main categories of waste – Garbage  (Mixed Waste) and Clean fill.


Garbage Disposal or Mixed Waste is pretty much what the name suggests – Garbage. There is nothing in this that can be recycled and everything is flat out trash. This includes all construction, renovation and most home improvement projects. If you have any questions on what is accepted and what is not, feel free to contact us and a Dump-Squad representative will do their best to assist you!


Clean Fill is considered anything that can be recycled. It is mostly referring to Soil, Sod, Brick, Concrete and Asphalt. As one of the most environmentally friendly disposal bins companies, we take pride in recycling what we can.  All the mentioned materials – bricks, asphalt etc..can be used to again and again creating less garbage and waste for Mother Earth!

Disposal Bins TorontoDisposal Bins Toronto


Step 1 – What are you disposing – Garbage or Cleanfill?

It is crucial to know what you are disposing off. Is it Garbage? OR Clean-fill? As one of the more environmentally friendly disposal companies, we like to recycle what we can. All Cleanfill can be recycled and used again limiting the amount of garbage for earth. Now that you know what you are disposing off, lets go to Step 2.

Step 2 – When do you need your Disposal Bin?

Now that you know what you are dumping. When are you looking to receive your disposal bin? At Dump-Squad, we do our very best to allocate you for your preferred date and even offer same day service! Our large fleet of trucks allows us to spread out all through the GTA to provide timely drop offs. We are able to drop off your bin next day and if time permitting – Same day Service! While we cannot guarantee you same day service, we do our very best to get it done for you. At Dump-Squad, we understand the importance of having your disposal bin delivered on time and do everything we can to get it to you.

Step 3 – Choose your Bin Size or Call Us for Help!

Choose your size. Depending on the size of the job, your disposal bin need will be different. Larger Jobs will need bigger bins and smaller jobs will need Mini-Bins. Whatever your project is, give us a call and one of our associates will be glad to assist you. We offer everything from 4 yards to 4 yard Disposal Bins Toronto and the GTA. Regardless of the size of the job, Dump-Squad will be able to provide you disposal bins of your choice. As one of the bigger disposal bin rental companies in Toronto and the GTA, we have a large fleet of trucks to ensure the most efficient allocation of all our bins.

Step 4 – Order your bin by phone and watch it get delivered!

On choosing your disposal bin size for a specified date, Dump-Squad will get it delivered to you. We usually try to give our customers a time frame but sometimes delays do happen. On arrival, we place wooden boards under the bin to ensure it never touches your driveway!  As one of the more reputable companies, you will never have to call in multiple times to check the status of your order.

Step 5 – Fill your disposal bin will all your garbage or cleanfill

Perhaps the easiest and hardest part of the whole process! Once the bin is in place, you are free to start loading all the clutter and garbage sitting in your house! Whether it is garbage or cleanfill from your landscaping projects, Dump-Squad will deliver and take your bin away on time!

Step 6 – Call us when your done and we haul it away for you!

Once you are done loading, give Dump-Squad a call and we will come and haul it away for you! Being one of the bigger companies, we do not delay picking up our bins! Our large fleet ensures timely drop off and pickup of all our disposal bins!

Disposal Bins Toronto



DUMP-SQUAD is proud to offer timely and environmentally friendly Disposal bins Toronto and the GTA! As one of the best companies in the bin rental industry, we are proud to offer our clients disposal bin rental solutions ranging from 4 yards to 40 yards!                          

All our Disposal Bin Rentals are competitively priced and timely service will be sure to impress you. We do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations. 


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Disposal Bins Toronto           Disposal Bins Toronto

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