11 Tips To Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

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Decluttering can be overwhelming as clutter accumulates as quickly as possible especially during the week when we don’t have a lot of extra time to clean up. Relief yourself of the stress and make things easier by implementing these tips into daily activities. They will help keep your home clutter-free.

1. Ensure Everything Has its Place. Proper use of bins, shelves, and baskets help keep everything in its place.

2. Put Everything Back at the End of the Night. Few minutes of your time is all that is required to put everything back in its place before the night ends. This activity will help eliminate clutter from building up. Over time, this little activity will become a habit and becomes very easy to do.

3. Place a ‘Donate Box’ at the Front Door. This continually help get rid of unwanted items. Have it removed once the box is full.

4. Take Care of the Mail Immediately. Do not give room for unnecessary clutter. File what needs to be filed and recycle the rest.

5. Invest in a Scanner and Paper-Shredder. Simply scan receipts, warranties, etc. and add them to a portable hard drive. This will significantly cut down on all of the paper products that add unnecessary clutter to your home. Use a paper-shredder for any other paper clutter, including school papers. Ensure that you place the scanner and shredder in a convenient and easily accessible location.

6. Avoid Magazines or Newspapers. Subscribe to magazines and newspapers online instead.

7. Always Try to Put Your Fridge and Pantry in Order. Organize and clean your pantry and fridge in order to curb these two areas from overflowing. Both of these areas can become cluttered quickly. A better way to manage things is to designate grocery shopping day to cleaning and organizing these two areas.

8. Conscious Buying. Always ask yourself the question, ‘do I really need this?’ Give yourself a week or two to really think about it. And you need to be sincere. The source of clutter is simply having too much items in one space. Try to avoid that.

9. One in, One out. You must also get rid of one item if another is to arrive.

10. Monthly Purges. Scan your house for any unnecessary items that are taking up space every month and have them removed. Selling these items online or donating them is a good option to consider. For bulk purges, call a junk bin company to get rid of everything at once.

11. Keep a Junk Drawer.  This is a good space to keep tiny items such as pens, batteries or elastics. You can always extend your monthly purge to this area to keep check on any clutter build-up.

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