11 Tips To Reduce Household Waste

A study conducted in 2009 showed that a single Canadian citizen produces 777 kg of garbage. Seventeen countries were studied and the average garbage produced was 578 kg. This proves that Canadians produce more refuse per capita than any other country!

We are concerned about this statistics, and have taken it upon ourselves to help Canadian households learn how to better manage their waste.

  1. Opt For Reusable Bags When Shopping

The number of shops charging for bags is on the increase these days. It would do you a lot of good to choose to use cloth bags orplastic bags instead for your shopping needs.

  1. An Egg-cellent Idea

Cease from buying eggs in Styrofoam cartons. Buy your eggs in cardboard cartons. The cardboard can be used to start or fuel fires and to plant seeds for your future garden.

  1. Forget The Dryer Sheets

Get some wool dryer balls instead because dryer sheets are laden with chemicals.

  1. Look For Reusable Packaging

Check to see if the packaging of the product you’re buying can be used for anything else. Like storage, maybe?

  1. Buy In Bulk When You Can

It makes good environmental and economic sense to purchase a bulk of items that will be delivered in one (reusable) large package, instead of buying singularly and having to deal with disposing all the little packages. If it happens that there is more package and less product, then choose another brand.

  1. Cloth, Not Paper

Use cloth napkins and cloth handkerchiefs and cloth diapers instead of paper products.

  1. Start A Rag Bag

Instead of using paper towels and other paper products, find a cloth you no longer need and use it asa rag for cleaning.

  1. Purchase Just What You Need

Don’t buy something when you know it’s not what you need to use often. Whybuying something that you’re going to use only once or twice? Find out if any of your friends or relatives or neighbors can lend itrent it to you.

  1. Put Food Scraps Into A Compost Bin

Compost is environmentally friendly. Instead of dumping food scraps and leftovers into the disposal bin, use it to create compost manure for your garden if you have one.

  1. Make Your Own Cleaning Products

You can make your own cleaning products and laundry detergents using the many tutorials and recipes online. You can then store them in jars made from recycled materials.

  1. Become A Whiz In The Kitchen

You can avoid having to deal with all those disposable containers by cooking your food from scratch. Besides, it saves you money.

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