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October 2017

Optimizing Your Home Renovation Budget

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Saving Money on Home Renovations

Home Renovation is simply the best! You are improving the property value of your house while making major changes to your home and everything associated with it is awesome. However…improper management of funds as well as hiring unscrupulous contractors are two of the major perils associated with home renovations.

Depending on what part of the house you are renovating (Kitchens and Bathroom’s are the priciest), your budget will vary. While you want the marbles flooring and quartz counter top, is it truly in your budget? It can be! This article will mention some of the most important tips when it comes to managing your renovation budget. We work with several home improvement contractors across our service area and these our tips for you:

1) Choose Quality and Experience 

One of the biggest mistakes home owner’s make is to cut corners during their home renovation. They opt to go with the in-experienced young student who is on his fifth home renovation project over someone who has been doing it his life. Granted the Student offered to do it for 80{a1f0cc8bc8edbba91ffc225f2220e9714727b15ab8e74e4a71b478f4041d0c19} of the price. However, the risks outweigh the benefits. Choosing an inexperienced contractor can lead to disastrous and nightmare situations. He might not have the experience, he might use up all the money you gave him without completing the job, he might not complete the job at all or worse….he takes twice or three times the time to finish a simple renovation.

Choose Quality and Experience. Even if it is 20{a1f0cc8bc8edbba91ffc225f2220e9714727b15ab8e74e4a71b478f4041d0c19} more, the finish of the job will be impeccable. Professionals will collect their deposits on time and finish the work accordingly. They have seen all forms of scenarios and are more than familiar stabilizing a site when the unexpected happens.

2) Disposal Bin Rentals

Similar to hiring a contractor, hiring a professional waste management company is imperative for the success of your project. Choosing to go with a smaller company will end of costing you more due to their inefficient way to dispose of waste. Be Sure to choose a company like Dump-Squad that is licensed and insured with a great reputation in the industry. We offer flexible pricing to all over clients (Fixed Price or Variable) and will handle all your waste like professionals.

We have experienced drivers and customer reps who have seen every form of situation and will be more than happy to alleviate your burden.

3) Material Cost

The Last thing you can save money on Material. More than likely your contractor will provide you with an exceptional price but be sure to also get a quote if you were to provide the materials. It never hurts to ask and sometimes can even save you thousands of dollars!

Lot Clearing: Disposing Of Natural Waste

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Natural Waste Disposal

Let me paint the picture for you. You have just found the perfect land to build your dream house. However, the land is filled with trees and needs to leveled out properly.  No Problem…just need to hire a reputable tree removal company and an honest disposal bin company. Easy right?


I am here to educate you with some tips on how to proceed on a property that is in need of Lot Clearing. Typically, tree waste and soil are the two main forms of debris that will arise from it. However, it is not common to come across some garbage and furniture when digging up the surface.

Thankfully, the debris you are getting rid of fairly simple and not complex. Soil can be recycled and re-used while wood can be re-used as Firewood or mulch.


Planning is the No.1 criteria in order to be successful in anything. Lot clearing is a tedious process as the amount of trees that need to be knocked down begins in the city hall with a permit. Depending on the area you are in, you might also need to dispose of the wood in specific transfer stations. It also depends on the type of tree that you are cutting down on.

Be sure to cut down only the trees you are looking to dispose off. Trees in themselves are beautiful living things. Spray Painting the border is not a bad starting point as it will give your tree removal professional proper guidelines and boundaries to work off.

Hiring a Disposal Bin Company

You know there is going to be plenty of waste. For Lot Clearing there is a lot of debris of two types: Soil and Wood Waste.

Be Sure to contact a local waste management company to get rid of all this natural waste for your. At Dump-Squad we will be glad to size you out for the type of bin you need based on your requirement. We work with several tree removal companies on a consistent basis and are very familiar with large projects and waste management that is associated with Lot Clearing.

Getting your waste disposal set up properly can save you time, money and several resources during this strenuous time. The Last thing you want to do is set yourself with a smaller company who will nickel and dime you to the point where you end up spending more and benefiting less. When taking on these types of projects, it is imperative to choose the right company to partner. Dump-Squad is always a phone call or email away. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding Lot Clearing if Clean Fill Disposal

3 Necessary Actions Before Home Improvement Projects

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Home Improvement

Home Renovation is always an exciting time. Whether you are preparing to do it yourself or have hired yourself a contractor, your home renovation process is an experience. You can finally get the dream kitchen/bedroom or bathroom you have been planning for and you cannot wait!

However…while exciting, home renovation is also a tedious process. Many homeowners do not consider the amount of debris and junk that will need to be removed and properly disposed off before their project is complete. Several homeowners panic once the junk starts coming down and dispose of everything in a wrongful manner. Before you stress-out or act in a non environmentally friendly way, Dump-Squad would recommend following these tips to ensure your home improvement project goes as planned:

1) Renting a Disposal Bin

Before pandemonium arises, order your disposal bin today! By renting a waste bin, you will be able to keep your job site clean and avoid creating potential hazards that can hurt someone. Having a rental garbage bin on site means you can dispose of all the debris and junk in an environmentally friendly manner along will clearing that clutter you have in your garage for the past few years. You can avoid bagging up these items and disposing of them directly in the bin where they will be disposed off at a local landfill.

2) Recycling??

Separating things will save you money. Junk Removal Companies in Toronto charge a lower price if you are able to sort everything out and in separate piles. Items such as Concrete, Soil, Asphalt and Wood can all be recycled. More than being environmentally friendly, this is one of the fastest ways to know what you need to keep and what you need to dispose off.

It is highly recommended that homeowners discuss their options with their home renovation contractor about environmentally effective waste management. It often ensure the renovation process goes smoothly and all items are being disposed of in their respective manners.

3) Time is Money! 

Time is Money! I am sure you have heard this saying multiple times. Homeowners must try and ensure their projects are being completed on time. The longer you go without finishing your project, the more problems you will potentially run into. This is in regards to everything from – supplies management, financial management to waste management.

Be sure to constantly be in touch with your home renovation contractor about any potential timing issues you may run into and make the necessary arrangement

As one of the best waste management companies in Toronto, Ontario, Dump-Squad is proud to help you through your home improvement projects. Contact us today and one of our construction debris experts will be sure to help guide you through this exciting process!


Organizing Junk During Home Improvement Project

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Disposal Bins Toronto

Home Renovation Projects are the best way to increase your property value as well aesthetic value of your home. However, making it through a Home Renovation can be a lot harder if you are unprepared. Renovations of any magnitude often generate a lot of waste and the need for a disposal bin company  arises.

Even with the hire of a disposal bin rental company or a Junk Removal Company it helps to be organized. In order to streamline the disposal process, we recommend organizing all your junk for the company to able to dispose of everything quickly.

Here are 4 Short Tips to Disposing of Junk during a Home Renovation Project:

Hire a Local Bin Rental Company

Hiring a local bin rental company is a must. It is recommended you contact them right through the start in order to keep your house of job site as clean as possible to avoid potential hazards. Bin Rentals in Toronto are one of the easiest ways to haul away junk and is a no hassle solution to disposing of everything properly. Companies in general charge less if you were to organize all your junk in piles such as – wood, drywall, tiles etc. It allows them to work methodically and efficiently to haul everything away.

Only Dispose Items You WANT to Remove

Be sure to only dispose of items you want to remove. More often than not, people get carried away once their renovation is underway and dispose of more furniture than they initially planned, only to regret their actions later. Be sure to make a list and follow the plan.

Separating Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Items:

As mentioned before, separating items will more than likely get you a better price when it comes to Junk Removal. All Materials that are hazardous such as Paint, Batteries and Strainers must be separated from the pile of recyclables such as wood and cardboard.

All Hazardous Material must be disposed of in a proper manner and the process is not the same as hauling away garbage. In Toronto, there are specific depots in place by the city to dispose of all these hazardous chemicals.

Recyclables VS Non Recyclables

This one is for all the environmentally friendly people out there (Hopefully, all of you are!). Recycling is very important to sustenance of human kind. The more we recycle, the less goes into out landfills and the less trees get cut down. Organizing recyclables and non-recyclables is one of the biggest help you can do to the environment as recycling saves a lot of resources.

In Toronto, there are separate places that accept the following material in order to recycle it. These are the items that can be recycled and re-used:

  • Concrete
  • Ashphalt
  • Brick
  • Soil
  • Wood
  • Cardboard
  • Paper

We hope this article was of use and if you are about to undertake a home renovation project, give us a call today! As one of the fastest growing waste management company in Ontario, Dump-Squad will be sure to help you manage all your garbage. We are only an email or phone call away!

Reasons Why You Cannot Dispose of Batteries Easily!

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Disposing Batteries

Disposing of Batteries is tedious process. We are all trying to environmentally responsible and certainly do our part to make this world a better place. However…have you ever wondered why batteries are so difficult to dispose off?

This article is designed to explain why and what problems are associated with the disposal of any form of batteries.

The Problems Caused by Batteries:

  • Dangerous for Sanitation Workers: Batteries endanger Sanitation Workers Jobs. It is already one of the most dangerous jobs in the world since they have to deal with heavy machinery as well as road accidents. Making things worse are all the potential hazards such as…acid from batteries.
  • Limited Disposal Options: Most Landfills and Disposal Facilities use heavy machinery and often need to be picked out manually. However, due to the high heat, they often explode causing a dangerous environment for everyone in the area.
  • Leakage: Batteries leak all the time, they go over gloves, equipment and worse…often find their way into groundwater.
  • Groundwater: All Landfills leak. It is impossible to keep the water out forever. However…water entering ground water is the not the same battery acid entering the groundwater and contaminating it. People who ingest this water will have serious health effects in the long run.

Damage Caused by Batteries:

  • Sanitation Worker Safety: They Endanger the lives of the Sanitation Workers in the Waste Transfer Station as well as Landfills
  • Brain Damage : When ingested, either through groundwater or inhaled through air can cause irreversible Brain Damage.
  • Skin Damage: It is known to cause problems to people’s skin, hair and outer nerves
  • Health Problems: In general, battery acid can cause quite a bit of problem for humans.

Would you like to be responsible for doing any of the above to an innocent human you have never met? Forget a stranger, most people would not wish this type of harm on their worst enemy. Our hope at Dump-Squad is that you understand the seriousness of the situation when it comes to disposing of batteries. Please keep careful and do your due diligence when it comes to disposing of batteries.

At Dump-Squad, we are more than happy to take batteries of your hand and dispose of them in a responsible manner! If you have any questions, we only an email or phone call away!

Dispose your Hazardous Waste Today!

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Disposing Hazardous Waste Toronto

Thanks to Technological advances, our lifestyle is producing more and more hazardous waste that cannot be dumped in Landfills across the Country. If the Dumps cannot handle it, then it is likely just taking up space in your house and you need to find a way to dispose of it through the use of rental bin or hiring a junk removal company.

Hazardous waste can be safely disposed off by professionals in the Waste Management Industry. Professionals in the industry are experienced handling toxic and hazardous materials and know how to dispose of them properly. Tires are usually stripped down and the Metals is Scraped while the Rubber is Recycled. Chemicals on the other hand need to be stores in disposal tanks which will in turn be destroyed by hot incinerators.

Disposing of Hazardous Material can also be a lot easier than you think. Depending on the city you live in, there are hazardous depots open all year round. In Toronto, this is certainly the case as they are open all year around. In the event that you do not have a vehicle, you can contact your city to arrange for hazardous waste removal.

So what exactly consists of Hazardous Waste? Here is a quick list of everyday items that are considered Hazardous:

  • Pressurized Cylinders
  • Fertilizers
  • Pesticides
  • Anything with Mercury (Tuna Cans)
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paint
  • Appliances

While the list can go on and on, we only listed some of the basic items that everyone has at their house.

Dump-Squad is one of the Fastest Growing Waste Management Companies in Toronto and the GTA. If you have any questions or are looking to order a disposal bin today, feel free to contact us through email or a phone call. We are always here to help!

7 Items Prohibited in Disposal Bins!

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Items Not Allowed in Disposal Bins

Ever wonder where all the trash in those disposal bins end up? They end up in Landfills across the nations where they are extracted for Methane Gas and then disposed off in a proper manner. Unfortunately, all trash in the landfill is not acceptable and therefore not allowed in Disposal Bins. While most people do not think that a couple of “illegal” things can make an impact…think again.

These “illegal” items cause the clay caps in landfills to leak, releasing harmful chemicals and toxins into the environment. This is the main reasons, Disposal Bins Companies, Junk Removal Companies and Waste Management companies try to restrict these items.

So what exactly are these items?

1) Printer Cartridges

Printer Cartridges contain Cadmium which is a proven ingredient to cause lung and kidney failure when ingested or inhaled. Nobody deserves to deal with that due to the negligence of another human being.

2) Aerosol Cans (Spray Paint) 

Aerosol Cans contain gas and are a hazard to explode and cause a fire in the landfill drastically effecting the environment. Imagine, if something happened and it were to catch fire on a Major Highway? Again…we must do everything we can to try and avoid throwing Aerosol Cans into the dump.

3) Pesticides and Herbicides (All Weed Killers) 

Goes without saying…They are known to have harmful chemicals meant to kill weeds in your lawn and certainly do not belong in the Landfill

4) Paint

Paint is not safe to drink and being a fluid is one of the first things to leak in landfills. Eventually, someone will be effected due to the negligence of a few humans.

5) Tires

Tire parts can be recycled. The Rubber and Steel are both something that can be re-used. The Steel is the reason why they are banned in Landfills because they can punch holes in liners making the Landfill leak a lot sooner.

6) Motor Oil and Filters

Motor Oil is very thick and is not something that will decompose over time. The filters as well as the corroded metal need to disposed off properly.

7) Batteries 

Would you drink the lead in your battery? No? Well…then do not dispose of them in your rental disposal bins. They are bound to effect the quality of someone drinking water and need to be disposed off in a proper manner.

Dump-Squad is one of the fastest growing Waste Management Companies in Ontario and we are here is help you in every way we can. If you have any questions regarding items you can dispose off or are looking to rent garbage bins, contact us today. We are only a phone call or email away!

General Tips for a Hassle Free Renovation

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Disposal Bins Toronto

A Home Renovation can be a very rewarding experience. Whether you choose to hire yourself a contractor or DIY, the process is an extremely tedious one. There are several factors that you have to worry about – Supplies, Knowledge, Waste Management and Managing Time. Luckily, we at Dump-Squad have narrowed down 4 crucial tips for the success of your Home Renovation Project:

1) Start Outside – Finish Inside. 

There is a saying that the Landscaping industry follows like the bible – work yourself in. What it means is to start outside and work your way inside. In this case, start with the walls.

Once the drywall comes down, there will be plenty of dust and residue all over the place which can make it a big mess. Your goal is to always keep the Job-Site as clean as possible to avoid any accidents (Tripping, Nails etc..).

2) Start Top – Finish Bottom 

Similar to working outside to inside, once the walls are done with, you will want to shift your focus to the top. Yes…the ceilings. All the lights, fixtures, ceiling fans etc..

Taking them down will also lead to the a lot of dust and debris as it will fall on the surface and create the same amount of mess as when you where breaking down the walls.

3) Get Rid of Excess Debris 

This is perhaps the easiest thing you can do. Make sure you clear your path of all Debris, Junk that can potentially block your path to disposing waste easily. While a lot of people think this is the hardest thing to do, it is perhaps the easiest. All you need is some right planning and execution.

Our Recommendation would be to renting a large garbage bin or multiple mini bins. Dump-Squad will be more than happy to price and size you out on the approximate size of bin you require if you were to provide the area you are working with. Our Crew is experienced and have been doing this a long time. If you are not sure what size of a bin you need, we always an email or call away!

4) Dispose All Furniture? 

The last thing you want to do is dispose all the furniture. Some Furniture is still good to go even after your renovation and more often than not just needs an deep clean. However, things like couches and shelves are sometimes antiques and in that case, we recommend letting go of those items.

We hope we have been of use to you by setting up this simple guide. As we work with multiple home renovation contractors around Toronto and the GTA, these are the biggest tips we have come across in all successful home renovation projects. If there is anything we can help you with, we are only a phone call or email away!

Optimal Waste Management for Businesses

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Waste Management for Businesses

All Businesses, regardless of size generate some for of waste. Construction companies generate drywall, wood and tile while Landscaping Contractors generate Clean-Fill materials such as Concrete, Soil and Asphalt.

Sadly, most companies do not optimize the way they manage their waste. More often than not, they wait till everything clutters up and pay nearly twice as much to local junk removal companies to sort it all out and take it away.

Our Goal today is to share some tips we have come across over the last few years managing business waste. It will benefit you financially as well as environmentally.

1. Order Bin’s on a Regular Basis

Seems like common sense right? It really isn’t. Do not wait till everything piles up. Keep an effort to keep the recyclables separate from garbage. Wood, Cardboard and other material can be recycled and reused.

Ordering different bins during different times can save you money because waste management companies in Toronto charge a lower price if it is one type of material…example…only wood…only cardboard etc..

2. How often is your waste being picked up?

If you are disposing your waste through municipal services, make sure their service is enough for you to dispose of all the waste. The last thing you want to is to be stuck with a bunch of overflowing garbage limiting your work space as well as creating a potential hazard for your employees and clients.

Nobody want to visit a store that is dirty and has garbage everywhere and no employee will take pride in working such an environment either. Be sure the amount of debris you are looking to dispose off will be picked up by the municipal services.

3. Flat Rate VS Variable Rate

This is one of the most common worries businesses have. If you opt to go with a reputable and transparent bin rental company like Dump-Squad, we can offer you fixed, flat rate fee to avoid any hassle you may incur. Choosing the flat rate will more often than not save you money and headache as you will be able to fill out the bin without worrying about weight limits.

Keeping your workplace clean is one of the best ways to improve employee satisfaction. It also impresses clients and keeps you stress free when you are able to optimally manage your companies waste. Give us a call today. Let a reputable garbage disposal company manage your waste!

When is the Best Time to Rent Disposal Bins?

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Junk Removal Toronto

It is perfectly normal to inquire if there is a “down-season” for renting a waste disposal bin . If you were to invest in one to clear out all the clutter or undertake that home renovation project you have been thinking about, you want to make sure you get the best rate. We decide to write this article because it is often one of the biggest questions we come across “Is this the best time to rent disposal bins?”


The real truth is that there is no “season” for bin rentals. As one of the more reputable waste management companies in Toronto and the GTA, we are always busy throughout the year regardless of the time of the year. Here is a breakdown of the most common reasons why people contact us during specific seasons to rent a disposal bin.

Spring Season

Arguably the best time of the year. People are often excited about the leaves coming in and the rainfall (Yes…some people love rain). The most common reasons people rent disposal bins during this season is to clear out clutter from their house that they have pilled through the holiday season. Another reason is to clean up their yard or undertake that small landscaping project they always wanted to undertake.

Instead of worrying about all the recycling, broken appliances and sorting it all out, people often give us a call to rent a disposal bin to save them time and money.

Summer Season

Summer is the best time of the year and is often a little busier than the rest of the seasons because lots of people are taking on home improvement projects and landscaping projects. This generates a lot of waste and hence a need for waste management arises.

People take on jobs such as Re-Sodding their lawn, Building a deck, Building a new washroom etc. Renting a Disposal Bin ensures you less headache which saves you time and money.

Fall Season

Fall is the best time of the year in our opinion. The different colours and perfect temperature allows us to enjoy the pumpkin spice lattes that we all love to drink. Between the fall cleanups (Branches, leaves and other debris) and completing their last set of home improvement projects, Renting a disposal bin during this time is year is very common.

Winter Season

Winter time is when people are officially looking to clean up their house in order to host parties for their guests. The empty bottles, the heaps of trash in the garage which starts to pile are the most common types of debris that show up during this time of the year. Renting a mini bin is one of the most common ways to disposing all the junk people have stored and pilled up in their garage.