3 Dumpster Rental Tips To Avoid Property Damage

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Are you renovating, or maybe just cleaning out cluttered space? You will want an easy, effective and environmentally friendly way to rid yourself of waste. So, go for dumpster bin rentals.

We’re going to give you some tips on how to use these large and heavy dumpsters properly without damaging your property.


  1. Choose The Right Dumpster

The type and amount of waste to be disposed of determines the kind of dumpster you need.

Dump-Squad offers sizes from 6-20 cubic yards. A larger bin is best suited for a large scale renovation. A smaller bin is better for household waste. The professionals at Dump-Squad will help you decide what size bin would be best for your needs.

The type of waste, or what goes into the bin, matters too. There are two categories.

  • Mixed waste: refers to any household waste, renovation or construction debris.
  • Clean Fill: refers to recyclable waste like asphalt, brick, concrete or soil, or just anything that can be ground down to create a fill.
  1. Placement

Now that you’ve chosen your bin size, let’s have it delivered.

You should ask yourself, “Where should I have it placed that would be most convenient?”

And here’s your answer.

While you’re renovating or cleaning out, your dumpsters should be in a clear path with no obstacles, and as close as possible. Also, because they’re heavy, dumpsters should be kept on a clear, solid and flat surface. The most common spot which usually guys these requirements is the driveway.

There are some other questions that need to be considered concerning dumpster placement, though.

  • Is there enough room for doorway entry and exit?
  • Is my dumpster impeding my, or my neighbor’s, driveway access?
  • My dumpster blocking my, or my neighbor’s, line of vision?
  • Is my dumpster likely to damage my driveway?

We at Dump-Squad are very concerned about damage to your driveway or property. In order to prevent that, we place dumpsters with caution and lodge wooden planks at the base of the dumpsters. With that, we can guarantee the safety of your property.

  1. Usage

It is important that you take the time to understand what can and cannot be loaded into your dumpsters. Dumpsters are sturdy, but they are certainly not built for holding hazardous liquids like gasoline, household cleaners, pesticides and other such liquid.

If you follow these tips and speak to our professionals, you can ensure that you have the right size of dumpster and that no damage is done to your property while the dumpster is placed there.

Dump-Squad is one of the fastest growing disposal bin rental, dumpster rental, mini bin rental and junk removal company in Toronto, Ontario. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and can take something away from it. In the event you are looking to hire any junk removal services or garbage bin rentals in the Toronto area, please feel free to contact us at any time!



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