5 Furniture Items You Can Repurpose

You hold on to pieces of furniture sometimes because they hold a special place in your heart and you lack the intestinal fortitude to just chuck them into a disposal bin. That’s ok; you can give them a new life anda new purpose instead. You mayfind that you also want to repurpose items that other people have thrown away. It’s fun when you can use your creativity to make just a few changes to these old items and give them a new spankto keep them out of the landfill.

Here are some ideas that might interest you.

  1. Soda-lightful

Pull out those old wooden soda crates from your basement or garage that have been collecting dust. They could be upcycled into sensational coffee tables. You can anchor four of them into a square and hitch them on to an unused table base. If you lay glass over the top of that, you’ll have a cool storage coffee table that also works as a conservation piece.

  1. Library Look

You’ll often find libraries disposing of the drawers that housed the now obsolete Dewey Decimal system cards. You can turn these into some funky “new” retro side tables when you hammer in some old table legs to them.

  1. Ornate To Updated

How about that grand, antique door you dumped in your basement or attic? You can upcycle that to become the top of a deluxe coffee or soda table to brighten up the space. Wantan Arcadian or countrified look? All you have to do is restore the look of the original wood and finish it with a nice stain. Or, if you decide to go funky, you could whisk your paintbrush and paint art as led by your imagination.

  1. Typewriter Table

Almost nobody uses a typewriter table anymore and they can often be found awaitingtheir fate at garage sales or at flea markets. But really they should stay out of waste disposal bins because they’re still strong and can be refurbished into an unusual side or night table. You can paint them to make them look more antiquated and fit any space or décor.

  1. Musical cocktails

A fancy little cocktail bar spells retro and cool. And guess what. An expensive boutique furniture store is not the only place to get one. In the 1950s, series were housed in cabinets. The electric components may have stopped working a long time ago but with a few touch ups the solid wood cabinets will look great again. If you can find one, you can gut it and turn it into a very chic bar table.

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