5 Household Things You Didnt Know You Could Reuse

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Nowadays, people are more conscious about how they affect the environment; this was geared up by the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle campaign. They have also learned how to work with recycling programs and also making use of reusable bags when.

Reusing things in your home will not only help you save some bucks but also good for the environment. Some of the things you can use are like glass jars, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, etc. but some other things you can reuse are:

1.    Keys

Many people tend to hold onto keys even when they are of no use anymore. Keys on their own can last for many years, and their routines also change as life progresses, so when the lifecycle changes, you may need to change your keys as well. However, there are a very little number of companies that collect and sell scrap metal to companies.

2.    Athletic shoes

Athletic shoes on the hand tend to wear fast (depending on the amount of work they pass through). So, instead of following the popular routine which is, wearing them until it wears out and buying a new one, consider buying a new pair often and recycling the old pair. Nike and other top shoe manufacturer have a recycling program in place for older shoes, so giving them in for recycling are better than ending up in a landfill.

3.    Spectacles

Some people take eyeglasses as a kind of fashion statement, while many people still get new ones regularly even when spectacles do not serve as a fashion statement to them. So, if you know you often buy new spectacles, consider donating the ones to programs that will send them to developing countries.

4.    Bicycles

If your children have outgrown their bicycle, it will be ideal if you donate an old bike to bicycle and bike share programs. You don’t have to worry about the state of the bicycles; because they can be easily repaired and restore to function (they could as well be sold as scrap for some profit even when they are beyond repair).

5.    Pantyhose

Lastly, here are some outstanding you might not know about pantyhose: it can take between 30 to 40 years for them to decompose. They look disposable, but they can end up I landfill very fast. So, why don’t you consider recycling them?




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