6 Common Recycling Mistakes

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Reuse, repurpose and recycle. These three words have been on many people lips, both at home, school, work, and any other place you go. People are now becoming aware of how they can positively affect the environment. However, many have the intention in mind, but sometimes our recycling practices do not allow this.

Many people and communities now have garbage disposal bins for specific types of waste that can be recycled. However, there is some trash that can’t be recycled, and without proper monitoring, this can become a major issue for these programs.

Below are some of the mistakes to avoid when recycling:

  1. Including Non-Recyclable Glass

There is a wide range of glass products that you can’t recycle. However, some programs don’t accept window glass, mirrors, light bulbs, lab glassware, and Pyrex products while some of them accept translucent bottles and jars.

  1. Including Plastic Bags

It is hard to sort and clean plastic bags which are why some recycling programs don’t accept them. So, look around for some retailers that accept plastic bags close to you.

  1. Keeping Plastic Containers with Their Lids on

Its better you trash your loose plastic caps from bottles because they are not for recycling. The reason why bottle caps are are small, and they tend to cause challenges for recycling conveyor systems.

However, some recycling bins are fit for larger lids.

  1. Discarding Containers of Liquid in Them

Note that before you recycle an item, you should empty the liquids from containers (so the liquid won’t spill and contaminate other materials like paper). Also, the liquid tends to be more prominent which makes them be sorted wrongly at the recycling plant.

  1. Including Oily Food Packages

Paper and paperboard material are recyclable, but you should make sure you separate the ones that are food-soaked, or greasy because this can impact the quality of the paper recycled.

  1. Removing Labels

Note that it is very useless and unnecessary to remove the labels from cans and containers (even if you have good intentions about this you don’t have to). These labels will be burned when the containers pass through thermal recycling processes.

Lastly, Do A Bit of Research

You might have come across some products with recycling logo on them (this show that the items are recyclable). So, it’s essential you review this information before you order with disposal bin rentals. Also, you should note that your local recycling programs might decide not to accept some items even if they’re recyclable. Additionally, you should try your best to be able to differentiate bin colors from different recycled materials, and the condition your item must be in before recycling.

Doing the right thing will help you sort and handle your waste efficiently, and also maximize the value of materials that are recovered.

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