6 NonRecyclable Items You Didnt Know About

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Nowadays, people are more curious about can and can’t be deposited into recycling containers even as recycling becomes more streamlined and technological. So, if don’t know what should be in your recycling bin, here is a quick list of what should be in the trash.

  1. Styrofoam

Many people think their used styrofoam should be recyclable, but the fact is it does not belong in the recycling containers. Many recycling facilities do not have equipment or machines that can handle this type of plastics. Some of the reason why you should avoid recycling Styrofoam is that, is flammable and difficult to control. Also, they contain a contaminant that is not good for most recycling facilities (because they don’t clean items before recycling).

  1. Commercial Pizza Boxes and Food Containers

Over the years, we’ve seen people trying to recycle their pizza boxes, paper napkins, paper plates and paper towels and food containers. The reason why these boxes and containers can’t be recycled is that; they contain grease, which makes them non-recyclable. However, these items can still be composted, even if they can’t be recycled.

  1. Juice Boxes and Milk Cartons

The fact that these containers are made of papers does not mean they can all be recycled; some of this containers have a plastic coating or aluminum that can’t be recycled. This is the reason why some recycling programs don’t accept them.

  1. Plastic Store Bags Filled with Recyclables

Recycling facility workers tend to trash items that are manually sorted at a recycling facility because they can’t open the bags and check the contents. So, it’s advisable you pack your recyclables in clear bags.

  1. Heavily-Dyed Paper

Recycled papers are treated with heat, and when you recycled a dyed paper, the dye can cause a severe problem for the treatment facility. This is the reason why some paper mills facility doesn’t accept dyed papers.

  1. Shredded Paper

Many recycling plants won’t take shredded paper because they are very hard to sort. It can also cause enormous problems for the machines in the plant, so it’s better you trash your shredded papers.

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