6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Throwing Something Away

You have some free time in your hands and you’ve decided to do some thorough cleaning and decluttering. As we often experience though, you may find yourself constantly pausing and trying to make a decision as to whether to throw particular items away or to keep them. So you’re just sitting there with the thing in your hand. To dump or not to dump? That is the question.

Here are six questions to guide you through the hour of uncertainty and make a decision on your decluttering days.

  1. Do I use this regularly?

That’s a pretty good starting point. There are so many tools, gadgets and toys just sitting right or lying around in the drawers, and we haven’t touched them in ages. Look at it this way. If you haven’t used or even touched it in at least 6 months, then it would make a good candidate for the rubbish pile in your mini bin. If you come across a lot of these things lying around, call yourlocal waste disposal company and ask for disposal binsfake tag heuer for sale.

  1. Is it something I love?

It’s possible to not use something regularly but still love it. If you find such items during your cleanup, keep them. If you can though, try to use it every once in a while. It may be one of those hand-me-downs, like the little Easy Bake Oven you got from your grandmother when you were a kid. When you take it out and use it, you’ll be reliving many fond memories.

  1. Am I keeping it out of obligation?

It happens. Someone gives you something, and you feel obliged to keep it around in “honor” of the one who gave it to you. But you need to evaluate whether or not the item is negatively affecting your life and your space and your home. If, in your honest evaluation, theitem now has a negative impact, then it would be wise to do away with it. Throwing it away should not be the first option though. You could donate it, or gift it to someone else. The person who gave it to you will understand (if the person has to know, that is).

  1. The “JustInCase” Rationale

“Just in case, just in case I need it someday”. We all do that. But what’s more important to you, living in a clutter free house or accommodating a mountain of clutter and suffocating under it just because you don’t know what you might need someday? Chances are if you haven’t used the item in a long time, you probably won’t ever again. And that means it’s time to toss it into that mini bin in the corner right there.

  1. Do I Have More Than One Of The Same Thing?

You don’t really need five slotted serving spoons, do you? If you find out that you have an overwhelming number of a particular item but you don’t need all of them, then you should really consider tossing the rest into the disposal bins.Being prepared for eventuality does not excuse or justify having clutter. A waste disposal company will be ready at your home with as many disposal bins as you need for your cleanup session.

Is It Broken?

If it’s been broken for a very long time and you haven’t fixed it yet, there’s a good chance you don’t need it and so never will fix it. Just toss it already.

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