6 Recycling Bin Storage Ideas For Small Spaces


Recycling can be a challenge for you if you live in a tiny home or apartment. But the fact that your space is tiny doesn’t stop you from recycling; there are ways you can be environmentally friendly. We’ve highlighted some recycling bin storage ideas that can help everyone recycle even if they have limited spaces.

  1. Pull it out, throw it in

When you have limited spaces, there are chances of you tripping over things. So, making use of some spaces you don’t frequently use, like under your sink are places you can start storing your recycling containers. You can also get pull-out recycling bins in stores for this solution.

  1. Folding Bags

Just as the name implies folding bags, it means you can fold these types of bags away when they are not in use. These types of bags are designed to be strong and durable just not for recyclables purposes only. Their velcro tabs also allow them to serve the purposes of one for plastics, paper, and glass.

  1. All in One

By using an all-in-one, step-on, recycling canister that can be purchased in 60, 45 or 30-liter capacities, you should be on your way of getting rid of your bulky recycling containers. They can be easily used and kept clean with their pedals and lids.

  1. Repurpose

Must you have come across some mesh laundry sorters? If you don’t know what they are used for, then they are used for recycling! Do you have a modern interior; then this choice can help you complete your décor. You can also use plastic containers as recycling containers and also to complement your decor. The attractive container can also be used for recycling bin.

  1. Hang them high

Do you have books and you’re running out of place? Then you can use recycling bags to hang them on hooks or a wall. Small recycling containers on shelves can help keep stuff off the floor on the wall. You can easily save your precious square footage using this idea.

  1. Don’t Put a Damper on a Hamper

A laundry hampers with three or more dividers can quickly serve as a recycling bin. Start using each space for recycling bag store and sees how attractive it will look like.So start thinking out of the box when setting up the recycling box!

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