6 Tips To Reduce Dust During Renovation

Say “renovation” and you are most likely to come up against a lot of dust from the general debris created during the renovation process. For instance, there will be sawdust and dust from drywall. This dust is injurious to health and causes scratches as it lands on furniture, rugs and the finish on hardwood floors.

We can’t override dust, but these tips can help lessen its effects during renovation:

  1. Clear Out Surrounding Rooms And Cover Everything

Move all your furniture from the renovation area to a far-off room . What you can’t move, like wooden floors, cover with a sheet.

  1. Protect Everything (IncludingRegisters)

You’ve invested heavily in your floors and carpets, so protect them by covering them with polythene plastic and tape the plastic down with duct tape. Use painter’s tape to tape plastic to walls and baseboards. For additional protection, you could add a single layer of foam-board. Is the renovation site a store and not a home? Eliminate damage to registers and computers by covering them.

  1. Contain The Dust; Seal Off Other Doorways

The renovation area should be sealed off with a polythene sheet which is zipped to allow entry into and exit from the room. The sheet should be held down by running tape all around the doors.

  1. Mount A Fan To A Window

You can contain the dust from spreading to other rooms and aid the exit of the dust out the windowwhile bringing fresh air into the renovation area. To do this, removeall window air conditioners in the renovation area and place a fan by a window atthe far end of the room.

  1. Do Dust Generating Work Outside

Remove all dust inducing activity and do them outside. For instance, wood cutting. If the activity inducing dust cannot be done outside, then attach a vacuum bag to woodwork implements or machines like power saws to collect the dust.

  1. Sweep And Vacuum At The End Of Each Day

Do not let dust accumulate day after day, otherwise containing it becomes all the more difficult. Commit to doing a vacuum cleanup after each day’s work. Also, if the builder is hired, suggest a daily final cleanup session by asking him/her if it is included in the overall cost.

It is only wise toapply theseprecautionary recommendations to see to it that you reduce dust as much as possible during renovation. These measures will protect your health and your home from damage.

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