7 Items Prohibited in Disposal Bins!

Items Not Allowed in Disposal Bins

Ever wonder where all the trash in those disposal bins end up? They end up in Landfills across the nations where they are extracted for Methane Gas and then disposed off in a proper manner. Unfortunately, all trash in the landfill is not acceptable and therefore not allowed in Disposal Bins. While most people do not think that a couple of “illegal” things can make an impact…think again.

These “illegal” items cause the clay caps in landfills to leak, releasing harmful chemicals and toxins into the environment. This is the main reasons, Disposal Bins Companies, Junk Removal Companies and Waste Management companies try to restrict these items.

So what exactly are these items?

1) Printer Cartridges

Printer Cartridges contain Cadmium which is a proven ingredient to cause lung and kidney failure when ingested or inhaled. Nobody deserves to deal with that due to the negligence of another human being.

2) Aerosol Cans (Spray Paint) 

Aerosol Cans contain gas and are a hazard to explode and cause a fire in the landfill drastically effecting the environment. Imagine, if something happened and it were to catch fire on a Major Highway? Again…we must do everything we can to try and avoid throwing Aerosol Cans into the dump.

3) Pesticides and Herbicides (All Weed Killers) 

Goes without saying…They are known to have harmful chemicals meant to kill weeds in your lawn and certainly do not belong in the Landfill

4) Paint

Paint is not safe to drink and being a fluid is one of the first things to leak in landfills. Eventually, someone will be effected due to the negligence of a few humans.

5) Tires

Tire parts can be recycled. The Rubber and Steel are both something that can be re-used. The Steel is the reason why they are banned in Landfills because they can punch holes in liners making the Landfill leak a lot sooner.

6) Motor Oil and Filters

Motor Oil is very thick and is not something that will decompose over time. The filters as well as the corroded metal need to disposed off properly.

7) Batteries 

Would you drink the lead in your battery? No? Well…then do not dispose of them in your rental disposal bins. They are bound to effect the quality of someone drinking water and need to be disposed off in a proper manner.

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