8 Tips for a Greener Lifestyle


Do you know that when you go about your daily activities, there are some ways you can still “go greener”? As you go greener with your diets, you also need to adopt some new habits that make you more eco-friendly. This means you’ve to go eco-friendly by following the listed below tips

  1. Recycling

The first and the most well-known method to go eco-friendly is recycling (because it does not affect your sustainability). Recycling in a simple form can mean separating your waste and making use of professional junk removal companies to help you recycle, or collecting your plastic or metal cans for recycling purposes.

  1. Reducing your paper consumption

You can start making use of the modern method (e-mails) or by removing your name from mailing lists. Additionally, you can choose you will prefer paperless billing from your phone, cable service providers or bank.

  1. Saving energy

The most well-known reason why people lose energy in winter and summertime is due to leaks. So, fill any air leaks and sewage leaks in your home by weather-stripping your doors and windows, installing ceiling fans to replace A.C and programmable thermostats bulbs to replace your light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, and turning off the lights/appliances when you are not using.

  1. Saving water

Consider installing aerators on shower heads and taps; taking shorter showers; turning off the water when not in use (like when brushing your teeth), and avoid over-watering the lawn.

  1. Keeping the air clean

Reduce your car use by following another transport method like carpooling, riding a bike, taking public transit, or walking. When driving, maintain the right pressure for your car tire and reduce idling.

  1. Watch your purchase

Avoid buying cleaning materials/detergents/bleaches/disinfectants since they pollute the air, water, and soil and the environment as a whole. Also, learn to buy only what you need; purchase used items; try to reuse the things you already have at home; rent or borrow the rest; make use your grocery bags when shopping and many other things you should consider.

  1. Re-use and donate

Before you dispose of anything make sure you think about reusing in the first place. For instance, you can donate your old books and magazines to bookstore and hospitals, clothes to charities, and reuse your food containers for other things.

  1. Grow organic and buy local

Have you thought of growing fruits and crops in your garden? Or buying your foodstuff at the local farmers’ market? Then start thinking about it.

Lastly, make sure you train your kids in this green trend ways, so they can grow and become a lifelong environmental steward.

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