Avoid Throwing These Items in your Compost Bin

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Some items do not belong in the compost bin but only belong to the disposal bin. These items are either unfriendly to the earth or won’t just break down. Composting is a good thing for the earth but doing it the proper way is very important.

Here is a list of some of these items.

1. Stickers on Veggies and Fruit
Some stickers and price tags on fruit are usually not biodegradable. They will contaminate your compost pile, and since they are small, look out for them before adding fruit and vegetable bits to your compost bin.

2. Onions and Citrus Peels
Onions and citrus peels have natural acids and chemicals that can kill microorganisms and worms. Therefore, your compost bin would react untoward to onion and citrus peels. They impede the growth of the decomposition process and also kill the worms and microorganisms responsible for the degrading process.

3. Pet Waste
Pets like dogs and cats and other carnivores produce poops that often contains parasites and are unfriendly to the soil. Whereas, poops from animals like horse, rabbit, chicken, goat make a great compost rich in organic matter that your soil will be happy to host. It takes a separate bin to compost waste from animals like cats and dogs. There are also composters available to compost pet waste.

4. Meat and Fish Scraps
There’s nothing wrong with meat and fish scraps other than their incredibly inviting smell for neighbourhood cats and animals like foxes, rats, mice, and raccoons. If you live in the outskirts into the woods, you can also be inviting wilder animals like bears and coyotes with the smell. They are potential destroyers of your compost bins.

5. Tea and Coffee Bags
Some tea and coffee bags are made from synthetics that is definitely not a friend to your soil. You can only add to your compost bins if they are contained in bags. This is implies that only the inner content is required to be added to your soil to make a good compost. containers. Some of these bags are made from synthetics that you don’t want in your soil, and that won’t break down in a compost pile.


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