When is the Best Time to Rent Disposal Bins?

Junk Removal Toronto

It is perfectly normal to inquire if there is a “down-season” for renting a waste disposal bin . If you were to invest in one to clear out all the clutter or undertake that home renovation project you have been thinking about, you want to make sure you get the best rate. We decide to write this article because it is often one of the biggest questions we come across “Is this the best time to rent disposal bins?”


The real truth is that there is no “season” for bin rentals. As one of the more reputable waste management companies in Toronto and the GTA, we are always busy throughout the year regardless of the time of the year. Here is a breakdown of the most common reasons why people contact us during specific seasons to rent a disposal bin.

Spring Season

Arguably the best time of the year. People are often excited about the leaves coming in and the rainfall (Yes…some people love rain). The most common reasons people rent disposal bins during this season is to clear out clutter from their house that they have pilled through the holiday season. Another reason is to clean up their yard or undertake that small landscaping project they always wanted to undertake.

Instead of worrying about all the recycling, broken appliances and sorting it all out, people often give us a call to rent a disposal bin to save them time and money.

Summer Season

Summer is the best time of the year and is often a little busier than the rest of the seasons because lots of people are taking on home improvement projects and landscaping projects. This generates a lot of waste and hence a need for waste management arises.

People take on jobs such as Re-Sodding their lawn, Building a deck, Building a new washroom etc. Renting a Disposal Bin ensures you less headache which saves you time and money.

Fall Season

Fall is the best time of the year in our opinion. The different colours and perfect temperature allows us to enjoy the pumpkin spice lattes that we all love to drink. Between the fall cleanups (Branches, leaves and other debris) and completing their last set of home improvement projects, Renting a disposal bin during this time is year is very common.

Winter Season

Winter time is when people are officially looking to clean up their house in order to host parties for their guests. The empty bottles, the heaps of trash in the garage which starts to pile are the most common types of debris that show up during this time of the year. Renting a mini bin is one of the most common ways to disposing all the junk people have stored and pilled up in their garage.


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