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How To Eliminate Odours From Waste Bins

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Banned Substances in Disposal Bin Rentals

It is normal for the mixture of things you put in your disposal bins to go foul and reek and make your home stink like a dump. Trash is always smelly, but you can minimize the odour from your disposal bins if you follow these tips.

  1. Use proper trash disposal methods

The first thing you need to do if you want to reduce the trashy smell from your garbage is to segregate the garbage. It is not a good idea to bundle up all the household waste into one disposal bin because the different odours will mingle into one highly unpleasant smell. There are four groups into which you can separate your trash, and these would require you to have four mini bins.

  • Waste paper products:these include dry paper things like old files and cardboard, product packaging and office paper which can be shredded and then taken to the recycle center.
  • Non-biodegradable recyclable waste: these include items like plastic bottles, aluminium cans and other non-biodegradable items that can be put together and sent to recycling facilities.
  • Biodegradable waste: kitchen waste like leftover food, vegetable peelings and rotting food mustalways be put separately. It would be nice if you could turn them into a compost for your garden. If you must dispose of them however, be sure to drain out any liquid (as much as you can), put them into a container that has a seal (like a plastic grocery bag) and then dump them as soon as you can into the garbage disposal bin.
  • Garbage: you can put anything else here and deposit them in the garbage disposal bin.

Immediately after emptying the trash bins, clean them out thoroughly to remove any odours and to prevent a buildup of nasty smells.

  1. Make use of odour absorbers

Some common household supplies are good at absorbing the odours from your disposal bins.

  • Cat litter:sprinkle some cat litter inside your disposal bins to absorb liquid and odours.
  • Baking soda: scatter some of that inside the garbage bags and into the trashin the disposal bins.
  • Charcoal:this helps filter theodours when you add it to the bins.
  • Dry coffee grounds: make sure the coffee grounds are well dried and add them to the bottom of the bin.
  • Baking soda with vinegar and lemon juice: this mixture can be used to scrub down trash cans between take outs.
  1. Mask the smell with a stronger odour

Things you can use to mask the odour of stinky trash include vanilla extract, citrus peels, tea leaves and coffee grounds. It helps to leave them in the bin overnight. This absorbs and overshadows the bad odour from the trash.

Final Note

Using any of these tips, or combining them all, will guarantee that odours from your trash are greatly reduced or completely eliminated.

Dump-Squad is one of the fastest growing disposal bin rental, dumpster rental, mini bin rental and junk removal company in Toronto, Ontario. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and can take something away from it. In the event you are looking to hire any junk removal services or garbage bin rentals in the Toronto area, please feel free to contact us at any time!



3 Dumpster Rental Tips To Avoid Property Damage

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Junk Removal Toronto

Are you renovating, or maybe just cleaning out cluttered space? You will want an easy, effective and environmentally friendly way to rid yourself of waste. So, go for dumpster bin rentals.

We’re going to give you some tips on how to use these large and heavy dumpsters properly without damaging your property.


  1. Choose The Right Dumpster

The type and amount of waste to be disposed of determines the kind of dumpster you need.

Dump-Squad offers sizes from 6-20 cubic yards. A larger bin is best suited for a large scale renovation. A smaller bin is better for household waste. The professionals at Dump-Squad will help you decide what size bin would be best for your needs.

The type of waste, or what goes into the bin, matters too. There are two categories.

  • Mixed waste: refers to any household waste, renovation or construction debris.
  • Clean Fill: refers to recyclable waste like asphalt, brick, concrete or soil, or just anything that can be ground down to create a fill.
  1. Placement

Now that you’ve chosen your bin size, let’s have it delivered.

You should ask yourself, “Where should I have it placed that would be most convenient?”

And here’s your answer.

While you’re renovating or cleaning out, your dumpsters should be in a clear path with no obstacles, and as close as possible. Also, because they’re heavy, dumpsters should be kept on a clear, solid and flat surface. The most common spot which usually guys these requirements is the driveway.

There are some other questions that need to be considered concerning dumpster placement, though.

  • Is there enough room for doorway entry and exit?
  • Is my dumpster impeding my, or my neighbor’s, driveway access?
  • My dumpster blocking my, or my neighbor’s, line of vision?
  • Is my dumpster likely to damage my driveway?

We at Dump-Squad are very concerned about damage to your driveway or property. In order to prevent that, we place dumpsters with caution and lodge wooden planks at the base of the dumpsters. With that, we can guarantee the safety of your property.

  1. Usage

It is important that you take the time to understand what can and cannot be loaded into your dumpsters. Dumpsters are sturdy, but they are certainly not built for holding hazardous liquids like gasoline, household cleaners, pesticides and other such liquid.

If you follow these tips and speak to our professionals, you can ensure that you have the right size of dumpster and that no damage is done to your property while the dumpster is placed there.

Dump-Squad is one of the fastest growing disposal bin rental, dumpster rental, mini bin rental and junk removal company in Toronto, Ontario. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and can take something away from it. In the event you are looking to hire any junk removal services or garbage bin rentals in the Toronto area, please feel free to contact us at any time!



5 Tips to Streamline your Landscaping Business

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Roofing Dumpsters

Landscaping is a good business and can be handled as side business, especially when you have few clients to deal with. This is no longer be the case as your landscaping business grows; you will need to invest more time to meet the demands of the growing list of clients, supervise your employees working on different projects at the same time and also their welfare, getting calls through to your suppliers, attending to miscellaneous activities demanded for by the business, and many other things.

You can manage your growing landscaping business better with these 5 tips.

1.  Try Not To Recreate What Works
You don’t need to reinvent the wheel by simply wasting a great deal of time or effort on recreating something that already works well. Many small scale or new businesses engage in this fruitless activity a lot. Nevertheless, it is not wrong to re brand or optimize what’s working in the landscaping business. One critical aspect of the landscaping business you can actually optimize is the junk sorting and disposal. You can employ the services of a waste disposal company to learn more on how to efficiently dispose your waste. These companies can help you sort out green waste and efficiently manage your cleaning project thereby allowing you to face the core of your business. You save a lot time and energy.

2. Employ Reliable Personnel
Employees are the face of your business. Your clients meet and interact with them while your company work on their projects. And also, landscaping business requires a lot of hard work, dedication, discipline and the right skills to keep it moving. If your employees lacks in any of these areas, it will definitely affect the growth of your business. Be observant and always assess your employees from time to time. As your business grows, you will need to increase your employees’ base to meet up with the demands of your clients. You must be sure to properly vet your new hires and give them time to improve.

3. Preventive Maintenance
Implementing preventive maintenance is very important to your landscaping business. Equipment and tools used in the landscaping business is very expensive. It’s good not to have a breakdown to ensure smooth running of the business but breakdown is inevitable. Breakdown can lead to costly repairs and job loss, but preparing beforehand helps fix any issues as soon as they arrive.

4. Upgrade Using Top Management Systems
It becomes increasingly more difficult to carry out some basic tasks and core activities as the business grows. Pen and paper no longer meets the challenging task of tracking inventory, bids, paychecks, and expenses. Employing the use of software and management systems that enhance productivity such as CRMs, invoicing systems and routine software as early as possible helps you stay organized and effectively manage your system.

5. Attend Seminars and Provide Training and Retraining

Attending seminars or providing your employees with the opportunity allows you and your employees to stay informed on the latest happenings in the world of landscaping. You or the chosen employees can then share what you’ve gained with the other employees by organizing a training for them. This keeps them abreast with the demands of the job saving you from the time wasting, delay in communication, mishandling or skipping of key processes such as getting clients’ feedback.


11 Must-Do Home Repairs For the Winter!

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Disposal Bins Toronto

Just before the winter, it is very important for that we take a proper look at around our homes to check if everything is in place and ready for the cold weather. For homeowners who inspects their home regularly, this is just another routine check. Just that this time around it is very important you do and you may have been missing on something else before. For those who have not been inspecting their homes, this is the perfect time to do so. You may want to check if your windows and door are airtight, your trees are trimmed and are ready to withstand the storm, your roofing sheets are not loose and your gutters are ready for the rain.

These are 11 must-do repairs to prepare for the winter if you have to.

1. Clear your gutters of any debris and extend downspouts away from your home. This helps secure the gutters and prevent flooding of your foundation from excess water. When your gutters and downspouts are properly cleared, snow and ice are not able to render them useless by pushing them away from flashing.

2. Find any signs of deterioration around your walls, skylights, chimney or holes by examining the flashings. If there are leaks, seal with caulk.

3. Inspects vents and openings for insects, rodents, and birds.

4. Replace any old weather stripping on all your windows and door frames. If your windows and doorframe do not have weather stripping, ensure to install it to prevent heat loss during winter.

5. Replace window frames if they are rotten. Also, put in in storm doors and windows to replace your current door and window screens.

6. Exterior taps should be turned off to prevent them from getting freeze during winter.

7. Replace your furnace, air filter for increased efficiency and better working condition. You might also clean it up and check for cracks and voids. To know if the damper is rusted, worn or warped, look out for the drafts.

8. Inspect your tank’s hot water pressure relief valves for proper working condition and flush the tanks to remove sediments.

9. Check for leaks in the basement, attic and crawl space by inspecting the ducts. If you find leaks, use a sealant.

10. It’s a good thing to have the blades of your ceiling fan reversed. This allows warm air to be blown o the floor that supplies increased energy efficiency.

11. Inspect the roofing for leaks and have them replaced. You may also need to check the roofing sheets for any loose fittings and have them fixed.


Reducing Cost on Your Bin Rental

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Saving Money on Home Renovations

We all love to save cost, even if it’s only a penny. Some people refer to it as economics of spending. Truth be told, it can be expensive to rent a disposal bin, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to go about this but the first thing you need to get done is to know the amount of garbage you want to dispose. The larger the volume, the more you are likely to save.

We share with you 3 ways to save on your bin rentals.

For small cleaning project, rent a small bin

If your cleaning project is small or consists of minimal items, go for a small bin. You may now need to rent several of them to help you organize your cleaning.

Share with others

As the saying goes, “There is love in sharing,” but in this case, your neighbor will have to pay a little fee. Discuss with several of your neighbors that might be interested in getting rid of their items as well on the possibility of renting a bin together. This saves you costs and needless multiple trips to the dump site. This also increase the efficiency of cleaning, since you are now sharing the bin with your neighbors. Everyone will likely want to work together as a team and look out for the bin.


What items are you getting rid of?

Guess what? The items you are about to get rid of can actually earn you a free bin. Yes, if you are throwing a large amount of heavy scrap metals. Sale or recycling of scrap metals earn waste companies a lot of money, so they opt to offer a free bin if you have a lot of them.It is great to know that renting a garbage bin don’t have to be expensive. So, we thought we could share how you can possibly go about it. Renting a garbage bin comes in handy for your cleaning project. Ring us today to rent a garbage disposal bin.
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How to Choose the Right Size Disposal Bin Rental for Your Business

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Garbage Disposal Bin Size

Regardless of the type of cleaning project you have in mind, choosing the right disposal bin size is one way to start well. We usually give importance to having garbage bin at home. Depending on the business, the debris can often outweigh and outsize the bin on site. Usually the opposite is true for several business owners as they do not account for an efficient means to dispose their trash. Identifying the right size of garbage disposal bin for your business is very important. There are different types of bins for every industry requirements.

Let’s walk you through some of the industries:

Hotels produce a lot of wastes daily. From cleaning the rooms to cooking, collecting used toiletries and leftovers. They collect other types of wastes periodically such as during renovation or maintenance. These include, electronic waste and appliances, old mattresses and furniture. To ensure an efficient cleaning process, hotels need to plan for both daily and periodical cleaning. Hotels require disposal bin for daily cleaning activities and have to schedule periodic waste removal to address periodic cleaning.

Construction Industry
Construction sites produce a lot of debris. The best way to handle waste disposal for construction is to have multiple disposal bins. This helps sort out the wastes into designated categories. Usually, only one type of garbage disposal bin is seen on construction sites. Thus, rendering the collection and disposal of wastes on construction sites inefficient. One of the main disadvantages of mixing things up is that materials cannot be sort out for reuse or recycling.

Contractors are often seen in long queues trying to dispose their refuse at local dump site. Whereas, they can save themselves from this burden and efficiently get rid of their waste by simply renting a bin.


Landscaping is one of the most common industries using disposal bin rentals. Nobody can predict what the amount of waste to be collected is until after the completion of a project. The scope of the job comes in different sizes, but renting a bin is a good option to consider. They only have to consult professionals on the right size of disposal bin to acquire to help streamline their cleaning project. Regardless of the fact that a lot of waste collected in landscaping can be composted, disposal bin comes handy.


Friendly Tips For Your Junk Removal Bin Rental

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Junk Removal Bins

Renting a junk removal bin allows you to easily handle large debris during collection, transport, and its eventual disposal. The motive in renting a junk removal bin in the first place is to make your cleaning project easy and convenient to handle. Jeopardizing this motive will mean waste of resources and your valuable time.
To avoid having issues when renting a junk removal bin, there are few things you will have to consider.

1. Wrong Placement
Proper placement of your junk removal bin is very important to the successful conduct of your cleaning project. The bin needs to be stable so as to be able to withstand the weight of your garbage. This can be achieved by placing the bin on a solid surface. Placing it on a soft surface like grass can cause its sinking and could also damage the bin and the lawn. This could also results in injuries to personnel handling the bin.
Ensure not to cause obstruction if you decide to place the bin in the driveway. Also ensure to leave space for passage of both humans and vehicles.

2. Loading of Hazardous Waste
It is advisable to first consult your local authorities on the rules and regulation for collecting hazardous waste. This will guide you on the proper usage of the junk removal bin. Just to keep you informed, not all materials are friendly to the junk removal bin, and must be properly managed and transported. These materials include but not limited to pesticides, household cleaners, acidic substances etc.

3. Overfilling
Consulting professionals on the right size of junk removal bin for your cleaning projects prevents overfilling. As a tip, it is advisable to load the heavy or large items first. You should also consider how many of those items to put in the junk removal bin. Too much of heavy or large items affects the function and use of the bin.
Do not exceed the height of your junk removal bin when loading it with refuse. Your refuse ends up falling out when transporting it. Adhering to the tip given earlier, that is, loading in heavy or large items first also helps. Small pieces find it easy to occupy the spaces in between the debris than the large items.

Try to avoid these 3 things to ensure an itch-free cleaning process when renting a junk removal bin.


Protecting your Property During Dumpster Rentals

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Dumpster Rentals Damage

One major feature of the dumpster bin that can’t be overlooked is that they are usually large and heavy. This makes them an effective, easy and environmentally friendly choice when it comes to disposing renovation or remodeling debris your basic removal of junk. It’s also important you know how to handle them in order to avoid damage.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your dumpster.

1. Choose the right size dumpster
Consulting a professional will be the best and the first step necessary to take when choosing a dumpster bin. The size and nature of your waste are major factors to consider when choosing a dumpster. If your cleaning project is not that big, you can actually DIY, well, the smaller the better. But if otherwise, using a dumpster rental service will be a better option.

As mentioned earlier, the nature of your waste also comes into play. They are largely divided into two categories, mixed waste and clean fill. Mixed waste bins are used to collect household wastes, renovation or construction debris while clean fill are used for the collection of recyclable waste such as asphalt and concrete.

2. Find the most convenient space
Where is a convenient to place the dumpster bin would likely be the next the next thing that comes to your mind. But you’re still on missing on something, in fact, a very important thing.  The “most” convenient space to place your dumpster.

Dumpster should be as close as possible, clear and without obstacles. One more thing, the path to the dumpster should not be slippery to avoid injuries and littering of waste. Since it is usually heavy, it’s important to place it on a clear solid and flat surface.

You should consider not damaging your driveway while placing your dumpster. A very good hint here is to place a wooden blank beneath the dumpster. The best location is the driveway, but only if it meets the requirements listed below.

• Not blocking you or your neighbor’s driveway.
• Not an obstacle in you or your neighbor’s vision.
• There’s enough room for driveway entry and exit.

3. Give it a proper use
Dumpsters are made of metals, so they are not designed to hold some types of liquids such as any hazardous liquid like gasoline, pesticides, household cleaners, acid etc.Follow these steps, and also, speaking to a professional is important to keep your property safe while hosting a dumpster bin.


Benefits of Hiring a Reputable Junk Removal Company

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Junk Removal Toronto
Be it at home or business, there are certain times during the year when it is no longer possible to live with unusually large amount of junk. Your house or office space looks cluttered and unattractive. At that very moment, you may have to consider many cleaning options.

Having a disposal bin rental service or junk removal company do the job for you, or simply Do It Yourself.

If you do not have the time and desire a seamless cleaning service, a junk removal service can be the best option to go for.

Here are 5 reasons to hire a junk removal company.

1. You save time.
Hiring a junk removal company will help save your time. You and your employees can face the core of your business while the professional cleaning service do all the job for you.

2. Comfort
Cleaning your trash yourself or asking out your employees can be a very daunting task. Aside that, you end up wasting valuable time needed on your work or daily activities.

3. Health and Safety
Cleaning your space yourself could end up affecting other activities even several days after due to stress. Lifting heavy stuffs could also result into injuries, cuts, abrasions etc. without the right training and equipment, getting rid of your junk can have severe consequences.

4. You save money!
You end up saving a lot of money directly and indirectly when you hire a professional junk removal company. Having your employees clean the office space affects both the core of your business and the employees themselves. The end result is low efficiency which costs you a lot in the long run.

5. Reliability and Efficiency
You’re probably good at what you do, but professional junk removal service are trained and are good at cleaning. Junk removal is not all about sweeping, rearrangements and lifting trash from one location to the other. It’s a lot more than that. Junk removal service do this efficiently, avoiding you of all the troubles with your local authorities.

When you hire a professional junk removal service, you get rid of your junk in an efficient and eco-friendly manner.

6 Distinct Advantages of Disposal Bin Rentals

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Junk Removal Toronto

Two options are available when you intend to clean your home or office; junk removal service or disposal bin rentals. Junk removal service allows you the privilege to book an appointment with the company, and they come in with their staff to get rid of unwanted items from your house. Basically, they do all the work while you watch or continue with other activities you would do for the entire period. This is a better option for people who do not have the time or the energy to conduct their cleaning themselves. But you might want to consider a disposal bin rental if you can afford the time and also like to do enjoy doing things yourself. Disposal bin rentals afford you the flexibility in handling your project yourself without having to pay for extra labor costs.

Here are some of the advantages of renting a disposal bin.

1. Disposal Bin rentals makes cleaning easier as it allows you to sort out your stuff into categories and have them disposed efficiently. This allows easy sorting of materials for easier reuse, recycling or deposit in a fill.

2. You don’t have to worry on how your projects will unfold. Renting a disposal bin provides your project with the flexibility you desire. You run the cleaning at your own pace and in your own way. You contact the bin rental company, the dumpster is placed on or near your property for the agreed duration of time.

3. You don’t have to worry about breaking your bulky pieces so that they can fit into the dumpster bin. You choose the size of the dumpster bin or consult professionals to help you determine the perfect size for your debris so that you do no overfill the dumpster bin.

4. In addition, you have the peace of mind and comfort knowing fully well your garbage disposed properly and not littering or polluting the environment.

5. Getting rid harmful waste, furniture, appliances and electronic sets helps you evade fine and keep your compound clean.

6.  You get an empty dumpster bin after all our trash have been disposed. This allows you the opportunity to dispose your leftover trash if you still have.

Disposal bin rentals affords you the flexibility and comfort of cleaning. It’s a lot easier using this service and you also avoid unnecessary countless trips to dispose your trash at the landfills. What are you waiting for? Call a garbage bin service near you.