Cleaning Up After a Home Renovation

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Home renovation brings a lot of excitement and accomplishment. Along with it comes a challenging task as well. Usually, there are too much of trash to deal with after the completion of the project. Unless you specify in the contract, cleaning is not up to the contractor. So, it’s likely you will have to clean up yourself. It’s a good idea to speak to a garbage bin rental service if you have a lot to dispose of.

What is the content of the cleanup materials?
You will need to sort out your trash and figure out its major content. Sorting out is a good idea if its major content is recyclable. And it’s also good if most of it can go into the garbage bin. You can either Do It Yourself, ask for help from a friend who has a truck or hire a professional cleaning service.

What does cleanup entails?
After renovation, there is usually too much to take care of. You can start by sweeping and vacuuming everything, including the walls and ceilings. Prepare soap and water, and then wipe everything down. Even though you covered them during renovation, it is good to have them wiped. Next on the line is your cabinets; clean the insides and the outsides as well. You can then remove all the debris. If you are not available to do it yourself, you will need to hire someone else. This is where a garbage bin rental comes in. They are available to help you with your cleaning project.

Dust! Dust!! Dust!!!
You might have it in mind to use your standard (household) vacuum to get rid of the dust, but trust me, it is not going to work. There is no other way to get around this dust but you can manage it using a shop vacuum. The dust is as a result of a lot of debris collected during renovation. It is a better idea to hire a professional junk removal company.

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