Common Types of Junk Found During the Fall Season

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As the seasons change, so do our choices and preferences. As we are entering Fall in 2017, here are some of the most common items people discard off during this time of the year.

Spring and Summer Clothes

Several people often accumulate clothing. Most of us might not even be using all of our wardrobe. In fact, if you were to take all your clothes out and sort everything, you may be surprised by what you may have and never realized.

The best part about clothes is that there is always a demand. Whether you are not wearing them, grew out of them or simply don’t like the colour, there are people that want it and are willing to re-use it. Charities are often asking for clothing and would even be willing to come to your house to pick them up in some cases.

There are plenty of thrift stores in Toronto and the GTA. Goodwill, Value Village and Salvation Army are all places that accept donated clothes.

Broken Junk

Broken Junk is more common than you think. I would have thought otherwise as well. People for some strange reasons keep these broken items and discard them all at once. This applies to everything from toys, patio furniture, sports equipment and furniture. Why store them all summer?

Regardless of the reason, these items need to be taken to a waste transfer station or even set up for collection by your city. Depending on the time of the year, like fall, you may want to consider renting a bin.

Any and All Metal

Fall is the time of the year for all the scrap metal in the house. This applies to cars, bikes and even workout machinery. Bikes in particular, whether it is workout or a bicycle, they are one of the most discarded items during the fall.

Perhaps you have one lying around? In case you do have one, please know that there are several bike stores that accept used bikes and in some cases may even pay you for it. While it is the end of summer and time to dispose of your junk, do not just throw away things you can get money for. Be sure to go through your garage once to make sure you sort out what junk is valuable and what is not.

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