Creative Ways To Recycle Old Wooden Crates

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Over the years, people have been transporting produce and finished products (like fruits and vegetables to milk and wine) with wooden crates. These crates can also be easily repaired when they begin to age. So, if you have a wood crate, then you be thinking of ways to repurpose it and turn it into an aesthetic quality. Both the new or vintage wooden crate can bring a sense of warmth and coziness to your home and serve the purpose of storage units, furniture, and unique design units.

  1. External Storage Units

Old wooden crates can easily deteriorate; when they are exposed to elements (they can naturally resistance to elements). Over time these factors can make your wooden crates look even more vintage and unique.

  1. Toy Storage

Small wooden crates can also be converted as a play area for your child, or as a wall storage unit for your child’s toys when coloured and stacked together.

  1. Living Room Storage Box

The best pieces of furniture are of no doubt make from wood. You can also make your crate fit in with your room decor when you make some cool modifications to them.

  1. Display Unit

Consider hanging your old wooden crate on one of your blank walls. But, make sure it is correctly fitted into the wall to avoid accidents like falling and breaking the things you put in it.

  1. Small Boutique Display Unit

If you have a little shop and some new or old crates, then you can stain and stack them up for storage or display unit.

  1. Home Office Desk

Your crates can also help you create a personalized workspace. Stacking them up on your desk board, and shelves support.

  1. Flower Planters

You can also use these crates for hanging garden of beautiful flowers by using it for partitions.

  1. Glass Coffee Table

You can also create a coffee table and secure a piece of glass with your wooden crate.

  1. Balcony Seats

They can also serves as your balcony seats by adding some sturdy crates and some pillows for you to relax.

  1. Party Display

You can also use these crates for displaying your party items.

There are many other things you can do using your wooden crates, but the listed above are some of the unique options.

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