How To Efficiently Manage E Waste

Disposal of Old Electronics

E-waste means electronic products approaching or at the end of their useful life. This e-waste will sometimes pose a serious and dangerous issue to one health and environment during disposal.

If some of the following electronics are disposed of incorrectly (landfilled) they can lead to adding toxic substances into the soil and underground water; some of them are televisions, computers, fax machines, stereos, copiers, cell phones, batteries, and audio equipment. Large appliances and small appliances like A/C, refrigerators, cookers, microwaves, washing machines, toasters, hair coffee machines, irons and many other.

Some other waste like chips and circuit boards can cause adverse effects on human health if landfilled. The emissions from mismanaged plastic smelting; combustion of halogenated plastics can formed dioxin; and chemicals like reagents used in recycling processes that can be harmful to human health and the environment. So, how can these e-wastes efficiently be managed?

  1. Recycle

For the past few years, recycling of e-waste has been gaining more popularity. Many organizations are now involved in the process of recovering e-waste. Recycling methods, help stop all electronics from going to landfill, reduces the use of raw materials, and help preserve resources that can be used for new products. Here are some useful tips you can make use of when disposing of this type of equipment:

  • Help companies recover and reuse these valuable items by dropping your old or unwanted electronics and appliances at recycling centers free of charge
  • Erase or format your sensitive’s data, and information’s from your computer hard drives, in a way that it can’t be retrieved from your dispose PC or laptop 9deleting these files are not enough).
  • Your old or damage mobile phones can also be recycled if not as a whole but by dismantling and using the individual components like batteries, speakers, and board’s et.c.
  • Also, try and buy your gadgets from companies that offer you no or low-cost take-back or recycling programs.
  • Visit or contact your area local council to find out the e-waste recycling services they offer.
  1. Reuse

Before you replace your gadget or dispose of them, think of someone that might be in need or benefit from re-using it. You can give out as a gift to friends, relatives, and family, or better still donate to your local schools and charities that will refurbish for usage. Another method you can use in getting rid of them is by having second-hand outlets or garage sale!

  1. Reduce

Rethinking before you make a purchase and refusing to buy into every new gadget out there can help reduce your e-waste. You don’t have to get the model of phone, laptops or another gadget every time. Try and purchase the things that of necessity to you, and rather than upgrade try and reuse your old items!


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