Environmentally Friendly Renovation Waste Disposal

Environmentally Friendly Renovation Waste Disposal

If you have had to a chance to read some of our other pieces, you must know that we love home renovation here at Dump-Squad. It a chance for you to create your perfect little paradise inside your property lines. The only ugly part of the home improvement project: Waste.

Depending on your undertaking (Kitchen, Bathroom or Bedrooms), there always tends to be a ton of wood, drywall and other debris. Flooring – Both Laminate and Real Wood are also very common during home renovations. Believe it or not, waste is one of the main reasons people try to avoid home renovation as it can get quite overwhelming.

However…thanks to a variety of services from different waste management companies, clearing debris just got a lot easier. You no longer have to depend on the contractor to take the waste out If you are the one doing the work. Bin Rentals are often the same price if not cheaper than what you would pay a contractor. Since you are the person in charge of disposing waste, it is also your duty to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

Disposal Bin Rentals

Disposal Bin Rentals are the best thing ever! No more lugging around all the waste in the family SUV or Caravan! A Simple phone call to a reputable bin rental company like Dump-Squad allows you to order a disposal bin to your driveway today! We offer all different sizes and shapes depending on your need.

The Exact Process:


Videos are so much easier than words! In the event you do not like videos’s, here is how our process work, here’s how it works:

  1. Determine What you are Disposing Off – Garbage or Clean-Fill? or Mixed Clean Fill?
  2. Choose Your Bin Size – 4 to 40 Yards Available
  3. Dump-Squad will come and Drop Off the Disposal Bin
  4. Fill Up Your Bin and Contact Dump-Squad for Pick-Up
  5. We will Haul your bin away and dispose of everything in an environmentally friendly fashion.

The biggest advantage you receive from renting a disposal bin is that you do not need to worry about what junk we do take and don’t take (Hazardous Excluding).

Donating Materials

The best form of recycling is directly finding someone that can use the things you are discarding away. One Man’s Trash if Another Man Treasure. There are several example of things you don’t like that someone else will cherish.

In Terms of Home Renovation Materials, this applies to any and old furniture you decide to throw away, or that counter top you no longer have use for. In Reality, home renovation project is a perfect time to donate all your items you are planning discarding before discarding them. A Simple Donation to another human or even charities can go a long way.

Hauling Material


If you don’t trust a junk removal company to do the job, do the next best thing. Rent a truck and haul it away yourself. It will take you twice the effort between the gas trips, additional labour and time and research into seeing what material belongs where. However, if you have the time and are truly looking to make a green impact on the environment, feel free to do it yourself. As a reputable waste management company, we can help you by answering any questions you may have. Remember, we are always a click or email away!

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