Your Guide To Disposing Of 4 Tricky Items

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It’s almost summer, and we guess this is the right time for you and your family to get rid of some of the old and unused things in your home. However, note that there are some things in your home that can’t be disposed of anyhow; you have to use the proper garbage containers. Below are some of the items that you should special consideration when disposing of them.

  1. Cooking Oil and Grease Products

When you wrongly dispose of oily products like flushing them down the toilet, they can cause some problems not only with your plumbing setup but your local as well. Overtime this grease can clog up your plumbing setup because when they cool off, they harden. So, follow the three simple steps below, to learn how you can easily dispose of grease products in your home.

  • Scrape the oil from your dishes, pots, and pans, after it cools down and hardens.
  • You can use green bins can to store it, as long as other materials soak it up.
  • Seal it up and label them oily materials, and dispose at any hazardous waste depots near you.
  1. Batteries

Batteries are also some of the home materials that should be appropriately disposed. Don’t just allow them to liter around or throw into your garbage bins. There are different types of batteries same as different ways of disposal. So, follow the simple steps below, to learn how you can easily dispose of batteries in your home.

  • Alkaline and Button – If you have used batteries, the safest thing you can do is to include them in your hazardous waste disposal collection. Some of these batteries are also fired hazardous so mark them with tapes;
  • Lithium—these are the type of batteries that can be found in cell phones and other gadgets. They can be quickly taken to battery recycling centers, and they are also non-hazardous.
  • Automobile—theses types of batteries, on the other hand, contain sulfuric acid which is extremely corrosive. You can easily dispose of them with a retailer or metal recycling depots.
  1. Paint Cans

Also, note that you should not include paint cans in garbage containers as recycling programs accept them. So, contact you or check for municipality location in your area, these cans should be sealed and have labels on them when recycling.

  1. Nail Polish and Remover

These materials are also considered hazardous chemicals, so you should take them to waste disposal depot in your area.

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