Health Issues Due To Improper Waste Disposal

Banned Substances in Disposal Bin Rentals

Improper waste disposal turns the environment into a squalid, polluted magazine. Not only that, it also has the potential to make humans, animals and plants very sick.

Types Of Waste

Wesuffer cataclysmic consequences whenwe dispose of waste improperly. We need to know the four classifications of wastefake tag heuer.

  • Solid (less than 70{a1f0cc8bc8edbba91ffc225f2220e9714727b15ab8e74e4a71b478f4041d0c19} water);
  • Liquid (less than 1{a1f0cc8bc8edbba91ffc225f2220e9714727b15ab8e74e4a71b478f4041d0c19} solid);
  • Hazardous (corrosives and compounds that are extremely toxic to humans, animals and plants);
  • Medical (syringes, swabs, body fluids, bandages etc.).

The offshoots that could arise from the improper disposal of medical waste material are humongous and life-threatening.

One of the biggest threats posed to human and animal life is water pollution. Leachate from the garbage seeps into our oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. Combine this with air pollution, which causes acid rain, and you have a recipe for disaster.

We cannot but mention that the fish and shellfish and indeed all seafood that end up on our tables have been feeding on this pollution. Rodents and birds may also become disease spreading agents as well, causing humans to be sick. Of particular concern is the spread of the viruses that cause HIV and hepatitis, and of the bacteria that cause tuberculosis. These pathogens are mostly found in medical waste but they can also be found in bio waste of any source.


Polluted water makes people sick, whether we want to admit it or not. Diseases like cholera, typhoid fever and dysentery go viral easily when the water is contaminated. Contaminated water can also cause skin conditions like Trachoma (a preventable eye disease in which the eyelids invert and lead to blindness) and scabies. Parasites live in dirty water and can cause diseases like dracunculiasis and schistosomiasis.

Insects also live in contaminated water. Insects like mosquitoes cause ailments such as dengue, malaria and yellow fever, which could lead to death if not treated immediately. The diseases mentioned here are only a few of the diseases we bring upon ourselves when we dump improperly treated waste into our waters.

Poor Sanitation

Many developing countries do not have safe garbage disposal systems in place. Such countries are the most susceptible to these diseases. Many people in such countries live close to a dumpsite, where people go to rummage through the untreated garbage looking for food or looking for items to sell in order to make money to buy food.

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