Is Your Household Waste Hazardous?

Hazardous Waste Toronto

Have you ever asked yourself if any of your household waste is hazardous?

Most households generate a ton of garbage which mostly consists of plastics bottles, cardboard, tin cans various glass material. However, did you ever think of the other garbage you dispose off? Hazardous waste can harm people, animals and plants and  must be disposed off in a proper manner.

We should never assume that hazardous waste is found only in commercial and industrial sites because that is not true. Our homes, job sites and offices are littered with hazardous waste such as:

  1. Batteries
  2. Electronics
  3. Household Cleaning Solutions
  4. Tires
  5. Motor Oil
  6. Paint
  7. Paint thinners
  8. Air Freshners..(Yes…Hazardous)

Even though the disposal of all hazardous waste might seem stressful and time-consuming, it is well worth it. In order to help out the local environment, Toronto is surrounded by Hazardous Waste Depots that accept this material all throughout the year. You are saving the lives of several humans and animals in the process. Your simple actions of discarding hazardous waste in their respective stations results in the following positive consequences:

  1. Creating Safer Work Environment for Sanitation Workers
  2. Recycling Hazardous Materials Means less stress on the planet
  3. Our Landfills remain clean and uncontaminated
  4. You Save Animals!

Contamination, inhalation are a very real thing. Battery Acid can cause severe damage and may even be responsible for explosions depending on where they end up.

As one of the leading disposal bin rental companies in Toronto and the GTA, we highly recommend you take the following actions when dealing with hazardous waste on a daily bases:

  1. Don’t Flush Toxic Materials – They end up in our sewage
  2. Keep Hazardous Waste away from Children
  3. Label Hazardous Waste as Hazardous Waste.

If it seems like a lot for you to handle and sorting through all of this is confusing and time consuming, hire a bin rental company to do the work for you.

Bin Rentals are the best thing when it comes to disposing of waste – both hazardous and non-hazardous. They will ensure that everything gets disposed in a proper manner while charging you a nominal fee.

Renting a Disposal Bin is as simple as calling a company and ordering one! They will ask you a series of questions to better determine what size fits your need and will deliver it the next day. On hiring junk removal services , they will simply clean out all the unwanted debris and discard in an environmentally friendly manner.

Some Companies such as Dump-Squad will even offer you a fixed price to avoid any surprises or hassle in the end of the project. If you are in need of a clean-up or home renovation job, consider how much of the waste is hazardous. Dump-Squad is always a phone call or email away!

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