How To Keep Animals Away From Disposal Bins

It is both unpleasant and annoying when animals come raid, knock over and rip through your carefully sorted trash, leaving behind an unsightly mess that you have to clean up. Some animals go as far as making themselves a home in your garage, garden shed or basement because if the food they find in your dumpster bins, and this leads to even bigger problems.

“Well, I’ll just get more durable disposal bins.”

Raccoons are generally known to have very strong jaws and razor sharp claws, and they can chew through any bin, no matter how durable, once they find your bins to be the proverbial basket of goodies. Once an opening is created, other rodents and domestic animals will have no trouble rummaging through your bin, and they’ll create a very big mess.

Good for us, there are a number of solutions for keeping animals away from your disposal bins.

  1. Dispose Of Garbage Properly

The odours from the leftovers you dumped in your trash are attracting these wild animals. If you reduce the odours, wild rodents like opossums will no longer target your disposal bins. Before throwing cans, containers and wrappers into the bins, rinse them to remove all remnants. If you have leftovers you need to discard, place them right at the bottom of the can and pike other garbage on top of that, so that the animals find it difficult to access them. Another way to reduce the amount of food you throw away in your disposal bins is to make a compost out of your leftovers.

  1. Pour ammonia directly on the trash bin lids or the trash bags

Pour a capful of ammonia directly onto the lid of the trash bin or the trash bags. Ammonia has a pungent odour that puts off the animals (that puts off anybody, actually)no matter how “good” the food in your trash can smells to them. In the event of any precipitation though, you’ll have to reapply the ammonia because it will be diluted and washed away. It would makefor easier application if you stored the ammonia in a spray bottle. You can use this for both indoor and outdoor bins.

  1. Keep Garbage Can Lid Closed All The Time

Always allow some space between your garbage and the garbage can lid, so that the trash doesn’t overflow and so that the lid can close properly and tightly. Just in case your bin company does not offer bins that come with lids that can be screwed on, place a heavy object on top of the lid to keep it from being easily moved, or loop bungee ropes through the side handles and lid to keep critters out.

  1. Switch To A Metal Bin

A metal bin can withstand attacks from animals better than a plastic bin can. You might want to switch to that. Also, metal bins don’t absorb odours like plastic bins. With that, it’s bye-bye to having to deal with messy trash every morning.

Apply all these foolproof tips and you are certain to keep animals and pests away from your disposal bins.

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