How To Dispose Of Hazardous Waste

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Hazardous waste is waste that threatens public health or the environment. Everyone should know how to dispose of hazardous waste properly. The following qualify as hazardous waste:

  • Reactive materials/substances
  • Flammable materials/substances
  • Corrosive materials/compounds
  • Toxic materials/compounds

Hazardous items can be found in virtually every home. These include:

  • Paint
  • Aerosols
  • Ammunition
  • Auto waste like gas, antifreeze, oil and oil filters
  • Pesticides and chemicals
  • Electronics like mp3 players, computers, cellphones
  • Medical supplies like syringes

In order to eliminate hazardous waste without risking damage to public health and the environment, special techniques and procedures must be followed. Below are some ways in which hazardous waste can be eliminated.

  1. Burning at high temperatures

Often, household hazardous waste that has been taken to the proper location (not dumped intojustany disposal bin containing a mixture of items) is destroyed by burning. These incinerator units are developed to contain emissions from the burning hazardous waste. Incineration can destroy flammable waste.

  1. Recycling

It is environmentally prudent to recycle electronic waste. You probably don’t expect that things like batteries from old cellphones and oil products can be recycled, but they can. If you go to the websites of most municipalities and cities, you’ll find information about what can or cannot be recycled at local facilities.

  1. Community hazardous waste centers

You can find a hazardous waste disposal center in almost every municipality. Find out from a waste disposal company or the local government office the location of the one closest to you. There are probably special days set aside in your locality fir hazardous waste pickup.

Make sure to do the following before you call a waste disposal company to pick up your hazardous waste or before you take the hazardous waste to a disposal depot.

  • Materials must be in original containers or at least in well labeled containers.
  • Products must not be mixed together.
  • Caps on all containers must be tight.
  1. Disposing OfMedicalWaste

Syringes, unused prescription drugs and other medical things like that should always be properly discarded. There is usually a drop box inside pharmacies for used syringes, and pharmacies will take your unused prescription drugs for proper disposal. It is wrong to flush drugs down the toilet, wash them down the sink or throw them in the disposal bin because it can corrode your plumbing and also negatively impact your environment. When hazardous household waste ends up in landfill sites, it may leach into groundwater and soil and contaminate them. This could make people, animals and plants very unhealthy. You can see why it is imperative that this kind of waste be discarded properly.

You should not allow hazardous household waste to pile up. Make a habit of disposing them in a timely fashion. Call a waste disposal company whose experts are knowledgeable for more information about how to get rid of hazardous waste.

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