How To Safely Dispose Of Your Hazardous Items

Hazardous Waste Toronto

It is dangerous for both people and the environment to have hazardous items disposed without exercising due caution. When hazardous items are properly disposed, chemicals will be prevented from entering into the soil, or into the life-giving air and water. Disinfectants, laundry starch, paint thinners, batteries, polishes and air fresheners are all considered to be hazardous materials.

Below are some precautionary measures to bear in mind when disposing of hazardous items.

  1. Keep ThemSeparate

Have a separate disposal bin for hazardous materials and have them labeled as such. You can employ the services of garbage bin rentals to bring you a special container for hazardouswaste. Take the items you’ve gathered up to the nearest depot. There is a comprehensive program in Ontario, for instance, about getting rid of hazardous waste. Callthe city so that they can tell you where the nearest facility is to you. Be sure that you have tightly secured the lids of your containers to prevent leakage.

  1. Give Them Away

If you have a hazardous product that you no longer need but it’s not yet finished from the container, rather than disposing of it, try giving it away tosomeone who might have need of it. Ask relatives, friends or charities to find someone who can still use it. Some of these items are often needed only in small amounts, and if you pass them on to the next person who needs it you could help prevent hazardous materials from entering into the environment.

  1. Options For Disposal

In the city of Toronto, for example, options for getting rid of hazardous household waste are available. There is a public facility for collecting hazardous waste known as the Orange Drop. Pick up of hazardous waste is done on selective days in the city and it’s absolutely free. On special community days dedicated to the environment, you can drop off your hazardous waste at designated areas. On such days also, you can drop off your medication and needles at the pharmacy for proper disposal.

  1. Waste management for businesses

As a business owner, you should re-strategize your business processes so that they are efficient enough to minimize the amount of waste generated. It will also go a long way to have your staff trained concerning proper waste disposal.

The implications which proper waste disposal has on people and the environment cannot be underestimated. It is most likely that there is a program in your city for disposal of hazardous waste items, so visit their website or give them a call to find out. Have your bins properly labeled to guard against mixing and contamination of waste. Dump-Squad’s Bins can help you in this area, as we have a variety of bins to suit your needs. For more information about our garbage bin rentals service, call us now or visit our website.

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