Lot Clearing: Disposing Of Natural Waste

Natural Waste Disposal

Let me paint the picture for you. You have just found the perfect land to build your dream house. However, the land is filled with trees and needs to leveled out properly.  No Problem…just need to hire a reputable tree removal company and an honest disposal bin company. Easy right?


I am here to educate you with some tips on how to proceed on a property that is in need of Lot Clearing. Typically, tree waste and soil are the two main forms of debris that will arise from it. However, it is not common to come across some garbage and furniture when digging up the surface.

Thankfully, the debris you are getting rid of fairly simple and not complex. Soil can be recycled and re-used while wood can be re-used as Firewood or mulch.


Planning is the No.1 criteria in order to be successful in anything. Lot clearing is a tedious process as the amount of trees that need to be knocked down begins in the city hall with a permit. Depending on the area you are in, you might also need to dispose of the wood in specific transfer stations. It also depends on the type of tree that you are cutting down on.

Be sure to cut down only the trees you are looking to dispose off. Trees in themselves are beautiful living things. Spray Painting the border is not a bad starting point as it will give your tree removal professional proper guidelines and boundaries to work off.

Hiring a Disposal Bin Company

You know there is going to be plenty of waste. For Lot Clearing there is a lot of debris of two types: Soil and Wood Waste.

Be Sure to contact a local waste management company to get rid of all this natural waste for your. At Dump-Squad we will be glad to size you out for the type of bin you need based on your requirement. We work with several tree removal companies on a consistent basis and are very familiar with large projects and waste management that is associated with Lot Clearing.

Getting your waste disposal set up properly can save you time, money and several resources during this strenuous time. The Last thing you want to do is set yourself with a smaller company who will nickel and dime you to the point where you end up spending more and benefiting less. When taking on these types of projects, it is imperative to choose the right company to partner. Dump-Squad is always a phone call or email away. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding Lot Clearing if Clean Fill Disposal

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