How to Manage the After Party Mess

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Parties are an excellent opportunity for friends, families and loved ones to come together and celebrate a special occasion or holiday. But, only the organizers will be able to tell the story of the mess created. Don’t let that weigh you down; there are strategies you can use to manage all the mess made after party. Following outlined steps below, you will be able to have a successful party without thinking about the huge mess!

Prepare for the Cleanup in Advance

When planning your party, make sure you also put a plan for cleanup; doing this will make the difficult tasks associated with cleaning up after a party easy for you! If you’re using disposable plates, cups, and utensils for your party, you should know that they can quickly fill up your trash cans, so line up some multiple bags as this will save you the time required to replace a bag.

Also, to avoid a load of dirty dishes, make you your clear out your dishwasher before the party. You can as thoroughly wash the dishes or designate a family member or friend to do so once it’s full during the party, as this will reduce any dishwashing work for you the following day.

Get the Small Stuff First

There are some petty cleanups (like trashing, bottles, glasses, napkins, cups e.t.c) you can do, instead of waiting until the next day to clean up. So, take a few minutes and attend to the smaller stuff first. Also, empty out unfinished drinks in cups and bottle into the sing and stack them up. This makes the next day’s cleanup more organized.

Take no time to empty all full trash bins and replace with new bag once you remove a full one. Additionally, it is advisable to place your garbage to avoid unwanted leaks that can add more to your task the next day. Having designated trash bins in nubs and corners will motivate people to drop their rubbish in the bins instead of placing them on the counters or other areas.

Cleaning Up the Next Day

After following the above steps, the next step is tackling the real clean up after you might have rest after your party. You will need to drop into your hamper for washing any tablecloths or cloth napkins used (note that, you should separate the ones with wine stains so that you can watch separately). Vacuum clean any stray food or crumbs from your carpet and rugs.

Cleaning up doesn’t mean your party is coming to an end! So, follow this listed above step to help you avoid spending all day cleaning up, and you’ll enjoy having parties in the future, without worrying about the cleaning process.

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