What Materials Can I Throw into Mini Bins?


Mini Bin Rental


Rental waste bins are one of the best resources for all homeowners and contractors looking to keep their home or job site clean. It is a simple metal structure that provides an effective and simple solution to waste management.

As one of the Best Disposal Bin Companies in Toronto , we always receive inquires on what is accepted inside a mini bin rental. The answer to this is simple – almost and materials resulting from your construction project is accepted inside a mini bin. It can be placed inside the container, making your job as a homeowner or contractor a lot easier. That being said, while majority of your materials can be accepted, there are a few things we cannot accept inside our mini bins.

In summary, here are few items that cannot be  general terms, mini-bins can accept all non-hazardous, non-organic materials. Typically this includes:

• Tires
• Paint
• Motor oil
• Light bulbs
• Electronics
• Mercury thermostats
• Chemicals
• Gasoline
• Asbestos
• Ionization chamber or dual/combination smoke detectors
• Oils
• Solvents
• Car batteries
• Propane tanks
• Other toxic waste

We accept majority of the items and they are more often than not two main types of waste: Mixed Waste (Garbage) and Clean-Fill

In Short, Clean-Fill is nothing more than aggregates that can be recycled and re-used. Wood, Brick, Soil and concrete are all Clean-fill material.

Garbage is of course….an assortment of mixed waste. This can be anything from food to old electronics to yard clippings.

All waste is disposed of at a waste transfer station where all the recyclables are sent for recycling and the rest is disposed off in a proper manner.

In the event that you are in need to disposing these hazardous waste materials, contact your mini bin rental company and they should be able to guide you in the right directions.

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