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Mississauga Mini Bin Rentals Starting from $99/Week! 


Dump-Squad Offers fast and environmentally friendly Mini Bins (Mini Bin Rental) in Mississauga and Southwestern Ontario. Our team of professional drivers and dispatchers ensure all Mini Bins (Mini Bin Rental) Deliveries and Pickup’s go as smoothly as possible. All our dispatchers and friendly staff are always just a call away from answering any questions you may have. Exception customer service, honest pricing and reliable service is why we have become popular Mini Bin Rental suppliers across Mississauga and Southwestern Ontario.

We work hard to deliver you a great product and experience. It is one of the many reasons why we have been able to expand so quickly. As part of our ongoing commitment, we are happy to provide you with a complimentary assessments for your disposal needs. Request your free consultation today and watch us deliver as early as the next hour!

The Best Mini Bin Rental Service in Mississauga

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Garbage Bin Rentals

Used for Household Cleanouts, De-Cluttering your Home and Cleaning up other Light Waste around the yard


Mini Bin Rentals

Used for Household Cleanouts, Estate Cleanouts, Small Renovation Projects and Mini Landscaping Projects. 


Dumpster Rentals

Used for Medium-Big Renovations Projects, Bigger Landscaping Jobs and Estate Cleanouts. 

The Mini Bin Rental Mississauga Process​

While the name ‘Mississauga’ may seem a bit unusual to those that live outside of this Canadian town, it is actually historically named after the Aboriginal nation- Mississauga. The Mississauga occupied this region, and to this day, still live in a wonderful city. But their cultural ties reach out further than that, as they have a sister-city relationship with Japan since the ’80s. In this relationship, Japan has a Mississauga park in Kariya, Japan, and there is a Japanese park in Mississauga. Another interesting resident of this great city was the founder of the very popular worldwide food franchise, KFC. Though KFC was founded in 1952, the founder lived in Mississauga from 65-80. He would visit Tomken often, frequenting their KFC.

Why do so many people enjoy living here? One reason could be that this city has been recognized, for 8 years in a row, as the safest Canadian city. Another reason could be the beautiful nature trails, like the one that leads to Wahoosh Falls. Wahoosh Falls is a serene waterfall. Though it isn’t very big, it is still a very wonderful sight that is surrounded by many trees and plants. More so than cultural history, and foodie facts, there is also a bit of Hollywood history in Mississauga. There were several different movies and programs that have been filmed at various Mississauga locations. Such movies include; Hannibal, Nikita, Black Mirror, Lost Girl, and Saving Hope. The residents love this town and country so much that they even crafted the world’s longest greeting card, complete with 100,000 signatures.


Free Quote and Order

Give us a call for a free quote and we can guide you on the best bin rental to choose.

Bin Drop and Pickup

We come drop off the bin. You fill it up. We come pick up the bin rental and dispose of it.

Invoice and Settlement

We invoice you the total amount owing minus the pre-authorization. All payment is made electronically.

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Choose the Mini Bin Rental You Need.

Regardless of the project size, we have the Mini Bin Rental you need. Our Mini Bin Rentals come in 4, 14, 20 and 40 (2-20s) Yard Bins. Give us a call today and we can guide you in the right direction. 


Depending on the nature of the project, we would recommend getting either a 4 or 14 yard bin rental. The 4 Yard Bin Rental is used only for Aggregates. The 14 Yard Bin can be used for House Cleanout, Estate Cleanouts and should accommodate for any bulky items you may dispose off.  


The 10 and 14 yard dumpsters are perfect for medium sized projects. This consists of anything and everything from interior renovations to deck and fencing jobs. This just a description on what to expect when it comes to ordering a Min Bin Rental


Our 20 or 40 Yard (2-20s) are perfect for big time projects like major demolition jobs, roofing projects, exterior doors and windows etc etc. More often than not, these bins should be enough to getting rid of your waste in an efficient manner. 

Why Choose Us

We understand you have options when it comes to Mini Bin Rentals in Mississauga and Southwestern Ontario. While we cannot speak for our competitors, here is why you should choose us. 

Environment First

We make sure that all the debris we collect is disposed off in an environmentally friendly manner.

Flexible Scheduling

We will bring the bin when you want it (except sundays and public holidays)

Reputable Company

Our Reviews speak for themselves. Not many bin rental companies that claim that...

Competitive Pricing

Extremely competitive pricing. Not the cheapest. Not the priciest either.

Published Prices

You will notice that most bin rental companies don't publish their prices online. We have nothing to hide.

Highly Reviewed

As mentioned...our reviews speak for themselves. We love what we do.

Mini Bin Rental Prices and Sizes

What Can Go In The Bin rental

House Hold Debris

Beds/Frames/Toys/Boxes and anything and everything in between. Unless the items are explosive or hazardous in any nature, we will take them in our bins. 

Aggregates (Limited)

When you have a few pieces of bricks, you may mix it in with our Mixed Mini Bin Rentals. If you have only aggregates, we can only bring you the 4YD Bin for them. It is Cheaper too…. 

Construction Debris

Majority of all construction debris can be taken away in these bin rentals. This includes projects from interior renovations as well as roofing and fencing. 

Recycling Material

We are an environmentally friendly bin rental company in Mississauga. When you have only cardboard or other recycling material, let us know. We will make sure its handled properly. 

What Cannot Go In The Bin rental

Pure Aggregates

With the Exception of the 4YD Bin Rental, We do not accept Pure Aggregates Bins. Our Trucks are not built to handle that type of weight. 


We do not accept tires and explosive materials (Microwaves included) because they are not accepted at Transfer Stations. They can lead to fires and danger for our operators. 

Hazardous Chemical

These chemicals are to be handled with extreme caution. Our Drivers and operators don’t need this type of risk while sorting out the bin. 

Full Paint Cans

Our Bins will be full of paints of all colors and they have a chance to ignite under pressure at the stations. Not Accepted when the cans are full. Empty ones are not a problem. 

4YD Bin

  • Soil
  • Brick
  • Ashphalt
  • Concrete
  • Only for Aggregates

10YD Bin

$99/Weekly Rental
  • Household & construction debris removal
  • Roofing materials
  • Medium & larger renovation projects
  • Demolition projects
  • Garage & home basement clean outs
  • Fuel Fees: $60
  • Minimum Fee: $300 + HST (Includes 1.4 tonnes of waste) Additional tonnage at $110/ton
  • 7 Day Rental. $20/Day or $100/week after.

14YD Bin

$99/Weekly Rental
  • Household & construction debris removal
  • Roofing materials
  • Medium & larger renovation projects
  • Demolition projects
  • Garage & home basement clean outs
  • Fuel Fees: $60
  • Minimum Fee: $300 + HST (Includes 1.4 tonnes of waste) Additional tonnage at $110/ton
  • 7 Day Rental. $20/Day or $100/week after.

20YD Bin

$140/Weekly Rental
  • Household & construction debris removal
  • Roofing materials
  • Medium & larger renovation projects
  • Demolition projects
  • Garage & home basement clean outs
  • Fuel Fees: $60
  • Minimum Fee: $300 + HST (Includes 1 ton of waste) Additional tonnage at $110/ton
  • 7 Day Rental. $20/Day or $100/week after.

40YD Bin

$260/Weekly Rental
  • Household & construction debris removal
  • Roofing materials
  • Medium & larger renovation projects
  • Demolition projects
  • Garage & home basement clean outs
  • Fuel Fees: $80
  • Minimum Fee: $540 + HST (Includes 2 tons of waste) Additional tonnage at $110/ton
  • 7 Day Rental. $20/Day or $100/week after.

Mini Bin Rental Facts

Why Choose Dump-Squad Mini Bin Rentals Mississauga?

Best Mini Bin Rental Service in the GTA


We are simply put – one of the best Mini Bin (Mini Bin Rental) companies in Toronto and Southwestern Ontario. We offer fair pricing, timely service and exceptional customer service making us a popular choice among contractors and homeowners alike. Our friendly customer service along with professional drivers are sure to impress you!

Are you guys Environmentally friendly?

Environmentally Friendly Bins? 100% 


We do everything we can do keep our disposal services eco-friendly. We are proud to offer Mini Bins (Mini Bin Rental) for Cleanfill as well as Mixed Waste. In addition, we always try and recycle what we can by sorting out some of the trash in order to lessen the burden on Mother Earth.  Our experienced workers aim to provide among the best service available in the industry throughout southern Ontario. Bin rental in the GTA has never been so accessible, affordable, and ecological.

What makes your Mini Bin Rentals in Mississauga so Special?

We don’t mess around when it comes to Mini Bin Rentals..


As far as Mini Bin Rental are concerned – there are only so many sizes. In order for it to be considered a Mini Bin Rental, it must be under 20 yards. As one of the leaders in the industry, we offer everything from 4 yards all the way upto 20 yards. Whether you are completing a renovation or general property clean up, our bins will suit your needs. Our operators are standing by to better assist you in your bin selection if you have any questions. For more information or to rent a bin in Toronto and the GTA, feel free to contact us for a complimentary assessment.

  1. Dump-Squad  Offer’s Complimentary Estimates for your Disposal Needs
  3. Dump-Squad  Protects your Property by Placing Planks Under the Bin
  4. Dump-Squad  Offer’s Ongoing Customer Support and Service.

What is your process?

Our Mini Bin (Mini Bin Rental) Process


You might feel a little overwhelmed with all this information at the moment. Worry not. This is perfectly normal. Ordering a Mini Bin (Mini Bin Rental) is really easy. Your first step would be to contact us to discuss of the extent of the waste you are looking to dispose off.  We are here to help you in any way we can when it comes to the selection of your Mini Bin (Mini Bin Rental).

The biggest thing with ordering a Mini Bin (Mini Bin Rental) is to order the correct size. You don’t want to cheap out and save money by ordering a smaller size bin only to order another one in the end. This will end up costing you twice as much and can sometimes turn into a logistical nightmare. While we cannot guarantee the accuracy (We TRULY don’t know how much material you have), we can certainly guide you from our experience.

  1. Dump-Squad starts off by Pricing you out for the size of the Mini Bin (Mini Bin Rental) that best suits your needs.
  2. Dump-Squad then sends over a truck to Drop-Off your Mini Bin Rental in a location on your property. We make sure to put down wood planks to protect your driveway from any potential damage or harm.
  3. You fill Up the bin and give us a call. We usually ask for 24-48 Hours notice to help us plan our days better. One of our drivers will come by to pick up the bin and weigh it and dispose of it at a transfer station.
  4. Dump-Squad finishes the transaction by billing you by your method of choice. If Variable, A copy of receipt is sent to you in order to process the transaction. If Fixed, you will receive an email based on the size of the bin you selected. We Publish our prices online because we have nothing to hide. Honest Pricing. Honest Service.

Need A Free Estimate?

We can help you plan your project with free quotes over the phone. 

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