Minimalist Movement: How To Keep It all Minimal

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You may be hearing it for the first time but it is no longer a news. It’s referred to as the Minimalist Movement. It’s all about getting rid of much what we have in our possession in everyday lives and in our residence or office space. This new trend came to live as a result of many having in possession more than what they will ever need. So, why not take a precaution by minding what to buy on your next shopping spree or simply get rid of what’s in excess.

It’s All About Finding The Balance
The media has always fed us junks that we do not and have indirectly created a standard by which we live our lives. They tells us what to buy and acquire, but if you are able to turn a deaf ear, you will realize it’s only a farce. You don’t actually need these things. If you’re aware of these facts or just coming to know about it, you’re on the path to minimalism. Living with the right amount of what you need is basically what the minimalist movement is all about. Just like it’s easier to get addicted to the extravagant lifestyle, it’s also the same experience when you live with the right amount of what you need. You may never get back. Therefore, on your mark, get set, and go – it’s time to get rid of those items. Get out your garbage cans and recycling bins.

Just Before You Buy – Think!
Ask yourself if you truly need it before you doll out the cash. Instead of buying immediately you see something you like online or in a store, it’s advisable to take a few days and ponder on it. If you finally decide it’s what you really need, then buy.

Clean Regularly
It’s advisable to start slow. The minimalist lifestyle you’re just about to enter…oh sorry, you’ve entered is best lived by doing things patiently and accordingly. Get out your garbage bin and try to clean up a few things every single day. Get more involved with a bigger clear out every month. And much bigger with a massive purging twice a year, once before winter and once before summer.

What Does It Adds To You
Yes, you heard it well – loud and clear. What does it adds to you? Select one of those things you had bought in the past and ask yourself if it adds any value to your life. It’s the absolute truth, everything we have either imparts value to our life or brings us down. If it doesn’t add value, the disposal bin is patiently waiting for its next prey. If it’s recyclable, have it placed in its right destination, the recycling bin.

The 80 Percent Rule
Minimalist experts say, getting rid of eighty percent of your items is a good way to start living the minimalist lifestyle. Oops, this sounds too crazy and scary at the same time for many people. There’s at least one thing attached to each item, so it’s understandable if you feel reluctant in letting go of those items. But trust me, if you think it about it deeply, it’s good to let go. Attach some cash to some of the items, donate some and dispose the rest. Give it a try; it’s fun.

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