Optimal Waste Management for Businesses

Waste Management for Businesses

All Businesses, regardless of size generate some for of waste. Construction companies generate drywall, wood and tile while Landscaping Contractors generate Clean-Fill materials such as Concrete, Soil and Asphalt.

Sadly, most companies do not optimize the way they manage their waste. More often than not, they wait till everything clutters up and pay nearly twice as much to local junk removal companies to sort it all out and take it away.

Our Goal today is to share some tips we have come across over the last few years managing business waste. It will benefit you financially as well as environmentally.

1. Order Bin’s on a Regular Basis

Seems like common sense right? It really isn’t. Do not wait till everything piles up. Keep an effort to keep the recyclables separate from garbage. Wood, Cardboard and other material can be recycled and reused.

Ordering different bins during different times can save you money because waste management companies in Toronto charge a lower price if it is one type of material…example…only wood…only cardboard etc..

2. How often is your waste being picked up?

If you are disposing your waste through municipal services, make sure their service is enough for you to dispose of all the waste. The last thing you want to is to be stuck with a bunch of overflowing garbage limiting your work space as well as creating a potential hazard for your employees and clients.

Nobody want to visit a store that is dirty and has garbage everywhere and no employee will take pride in working such an environment either. Be sure the amount of debris you are looking to dispose off will be picked up by the municipal services.

3. Flat Rate VS Variable Rate

This is one of the most common worries businesses have. If you opt to go with a reputable and transparent bin rental company like Dump-Squad, we can offer you fixed, flat rate fee to avoid any hassle you may incur. Choosing the flat rate will more often than not save you money and headache as you will be able to fill out the bin without worrying about weight limits.

Keeping your workplace clean is one of the best ways to improve employee satisfaction. It also impresses clients and keeps you stress free when you are able to optimally manage your companies waste. Give us a call today. Let a reputable garbage disposal company manage your waste!

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