Organizing Junk During Home Improvement Project

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Home Renovation Projects are the best way to increase your property value as well aesthetic value of your home. However, making it through a Home Renovation can be a lot harder if you are unprepared. Renovations of any magnitude often generate a lot of waste and the need for a disposal bin company  arises.

Even with the hire of a disposal bin rental company or a Junk Removal Company it helps to be organized. In order to streamline the disposal process, we recommend organizing all your junk for the company to able to dispose of everything quickly.

Here are 4 Short Tips to Disposing of Junk during a Home Renovation Project:

Hire a Local Bin Rental Company

Hiring a local bin rental company is a must. It is recommended you contact them right through the start in order to keep your house of job site as clean as possible to avoid potential hazards. Bin Rentals in Toronto are one of the easiest ways to haul away junk and is a no hassle solution to disposing of everything properly. Companies in general charge less if you were to organize all your junk in piles such as – wood, drywall, tiles etc. It allows them to work methodically and efficiently to haul everything away.

Only Dispose Items You WANT to Remove

Be sure to only dispose of items you want to remove. More often than not, people get carried away once their renovation is underway and dispose of more furniture than they initially planned, only to regret their actions later. Be sure to make a list and follow the plan.

Separating Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Items:

As mentioned before, separating items will more than likely get you a better price when it comes to Junk Removal. All Materials that are hazardous such as Paint, Batteries and Strainers must be separated from the pile of recyclables such as wood and cardboard.

All Hazardous Material must be disposed of in a proper manner and the process is not the same as hauling away garbage. In Toronto, there are specific depots in place by the city to dispose of all these hazardous chemicals.

Recyclables VS Non Recyclables

This one is for all the environmentally friendly people out there (Hopefully, all of you are!). Recycling is very important to sustenance of human kind. The more we recycle, the less goes into out landfills and the less trees get cut down. Organizing recyclables and non-recyclables is one of the biggest help you can do to the environment as recycling saves a lot of resources.

In Toronto, there are separate places that accept the following material in order to recycle it. These are the items that can be recycled and re-used:

  • Concrete
  • Ashphalt
  • Brick
  • Soil
  • Wood
  • Cardboard
  • Paper

We hope this article was of use and if you are about to undertake a home renovation project, give us a call today! As one of the fastest growing waste management company in Ontario, Dump-Squad will be sure to help you manage all your garbage. We are only an email or phone call away!

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