Markham is one of the biggest cities in all of Canada. It is part of the York Regional Municipality and has nearly doubled its population over the past decade. While it is one of the biggest parts of the Greater Toronto Area, Markham still has a lot of room to grow and continues to do so at an alarming rate. Markham has seen it fair share of ups and downs. Connecting the GTA from towns such as Ajax, Pickering and Oshawa, Markham has its fair share of greenery and natural beauty. It has seen a sharp rise in its population over the years. As one of the fastest growing disposal bin rental companies, Dump-Squad is proud to be servicing all our clients in the city of Markham.


Mini-Bin-Rentals-Toronto-600x403Dump-Squad Offers Fast and Reliable Disposal Bin Rentals (Garbage Bin Rentals) in Markham and all across the GTA

As an Industry leader, we prioritize customer satisfaction as our top priority. Being one of the fastest growing Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rental) companies in Ontario, we have extensive experience operating in the Markham area over the years. Regardless of the what you are disposing off (Soil, Concrete, Roofing, Construction Debris or Junk, We have seen it all and there is no challenge we cannot handle.

Waste Management has several benefits whether you are a homeowner or business owner. It helps with everything from reducing hazards on the job site, keeping your house clean to improving air quality by disposing of hazardous waste in the house.

Customer Service is Our Top Priority. As part of an ongoing commitment to our clients, we offer complimentary assessments for your disposal needs. Request your free consultation today and watch us deliver as early as the next hour!

As one of the fastest growing Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rental) companies in Toronto and the GTA. we are one of the more highly recommended waste management companies in Ontario! We offer fast and reliable Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rental) services all across the GTA. Being one of the premier waste management companies offering Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rentals) Services, we have experienced drivers who will always use wood under your bin rental to protect your driveway and property.

Disposal Bins? What are Disposal Bin Rentals (Garbage Bin Rentals)?

Disposal Bins TorontoDisposal Bins are massive containers used by people to dispose of unwanted waste in their homes, job sites and offices. These bins are made of metal and come in various shapes and size in order to accommodate your needs. They are measured in Cubic Yards and Priced depending on several factors. Each Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rental) Company has their own policies but the general idea is to haul away garbage in a fast and efficient manner. Thanks to the proximity of our head office in Vaughan, offer Disposal Bin Rentals (Garbage Bin Rentals) in Markham has never been easier. The Short Distance and Efficient management allow us to offer you a competitive price when it comes to your Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rental)!

How Can We Help You Dispose of Your Waste or Junk?

Disposal Bin RentalsAs a rapidly growing waste management and Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rental) Company in Markham and the GTA, Dump-Squad is proud to have delivered thousands of bins over the years. Our Experienced Crew has a combined experience of more than two decades. There is no job that is too small or too big for the best Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rental) Company in Markham and the GTA! We have done everything from delivering a simple 4 yard bin for your backyard project to multiple 40 yard containers for Industrial Clean outs. Our Staff is knowledgeable, passionate, experienced and most importantly – dedicated. Our customer service is truly what sets us apart from the competition as we are more than happy to assist you in any way we can. Due to our timely service and fantastic customer service, our clients has helped us build a solid reputation all across Markham and the GTA.

  1. Dump-Squad  Offer’s Complimentary Estimates for your Disposal Needs
  3. Dump-Squad  Protects your Property by Placing Planks Under the Bin
  4. Dump-Squad  Offer’s Ongoing Customer Support and Service.

Average Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rental) Cost

Saving Money on Home RenovationsAll Disposal Bin Rentals (Garbage Bin Rentals) are quoted per bin rented.  As a rapidly growing Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rental) Company in Markham and the GTA,  we are able to offer our clients an extremely competitive rate. While our Quotes are not the cheapest, they are also not the highest you will find. In general there are two ways you can pay for Disposal Bin Rentals (Garbage Bin Rentals) –Fixed Price and Variable Pricing

Fixed Pricing

You pay one price for everything. It includes the Drop-Off, Pick-Up as well as the Disposal Cost of your Debris. We usually recommend choosing this option if you have a considerable amount of debris. However, we do not accept the following materials as part of your debris: Paint, Asphalt, Concrete, Soil, Tires, Chemicals and any Hazardous Materials.

Variable Pricing

Variable Pricing is when you pay a fee for the service and a fee for every metric ton you dispose off. Depending on the size of the bin you choose, the fee will vary. It will include the Drop-Off and Pick-Up of your Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rental). When choosing this option, please know we charge a minimum of a ton every time an order has been placed. We do not accept Paint, dirt, Tires, Chemicals and any Hazardous Materials. If you are looking to dispose of any clean fill (Only Soil, Only Concrete etc…),  it is recommend you choose the flat fee option as it will be much cheaper.

Our Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rental) Process

Disposal Bins TorontoOrdering a Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rental) is an easy process. That is…if you know the size of what you want. Customer satisfaction is our top priority here at Dump-Squad and we would be more than happy to assist you in your selection.

It is imperative to select the right sized bin in order for your project or clean-out to run smoothly. The last thing you want is to cut corners only to order another bin which can be a logistical nightmare. While we cannot guarantee the accuracy (We don’t know how much material you have), we can certainly guide you from our experience.


  1. Dump-Squad starts off by Pricing you out for the size of the Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rental) that best suits your needs.
  2. Dump-Squad then sends over a truck to Drop-Off your Disposal Bin Rental in a location on your property. We make sure to put down wood planks to protect your driveway from any potential damage or harm.
  3. You fill Up the bin and give us a call. We usually ask for 24-48 Hours notice to help us plan our days better. One of our drivers will come by to pick up the bin and weigh it and dispose of it at a transfer station.
  4. Dump-Squad finishes the transaction by billing you by your method of choice. If Variable, A copy of receipt is sent to you in order to process the transaction. If Fixed, you will receive an email based on the size of the bin you selected. We Publish our prices online because we have nothing to hide. Honest Pricing. Honest Service.

We are proud to be providing Maple, Vaughan, Thornhill, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Nobleton, Richmond Hill, King City, Aurora, Newmarket, Markham, North York, Toronto, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Milton, Oakville,Bolton, Georgetown residents with fast and reliable Disposal Bin Rental (Garbage Bin Rental) Service in 2017.