Preparing for your Disposal Bin Rental

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Congratulations! You have taken the first step to clean out your house! If not, maybe you are working on a home improvement project and trying to account for the debris. Regardless of the reason, ordering a dumpster rental is a great idea. A rental bin will help you keep your home clean and avoid potential hazards.

Now that you have proceeded to order the bin rental, it is time to prepare for its arrival. Depending on what you are disposing off, be sure to plan where you would like your bin rental placed. From experience, it is always recommended to have the bin as close to the debris as possible to avoid additional work.

Here are a few tips to prepare for the arrival of your bin rental:

  • Location

Where is the bin going to be placed? Where is the debris in the house? Those are the two main factors that affect where your bin rental should go. You also want to consider what parts of your property are accessible and what is going to be convenient. The driveway is the only place the bin will sit but you want to have it as close to where the debris is located.

  • Flat and Firm Surface

All Bin Rentals need to be on a flat and firm surface. They are heavy metal containers that only increase in weight once all your debris is in it. If the bin is placed on an uneven surface, there is a big risk that the bin tips and damages our vehicles as well as your property. In order to avoid any hassles, our experienced drivers can help pick a proper spot that would allow for a easy drop off and pick up. Safety First!

  • Clear the Driveway

Never take a risk. We here at Dump-Squad always place safety over everything else. We do not believe in risk…at all. Even if there is enough space to place a dumpster rental right next to your vehicle, you never want to take a chance. Clear your driveway of all vehicles and if needed, ask your neighbour if you can borrow some driveway space over the next couple of days.

  • Maintain Backyard and Garage Access

Chances are that all the debris is pilled up in your garage at the moment. This is completely natural as it happens to be the place where all the debris ends up sitting before a bin rental arrives. In order to keep the disposal process easy, our bins have doors your can open and walk into. It will make your life a lot easier…believe us. You want to be able to have ample space to open the doors and maintain a space to your backyard (if you have debris there) as well as your garage.

  • Recycle and Garbage

If possible, set aside materials that can be recycled. When you recycle things, that’s tons of debris that doesn’t end up in our landfills as well as using up more natural resources than needed. Also know that not everything is allowed inside a dumpster rental as they tend to be hazardous for the landfills as well as sanitation workers everywhere.

Dump-Squad is always a phone call or email away from any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions!

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