The Proper Disposal of Old Electronics Around your Home!

Disposal of Old Electronics

Humanity continues to evolve and create inventions that make our daily lives easier. Whether it be electronics, cars or other creations, it is imperative we dispose of all their predecessors in an environmentally friendly manner. If you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, Electronic devices such as AV Systems – VCR, Cassette Player and the bulky computers is something you are familiar with. However, over the years, these antiques have done nothing but pile up and end up in places where they are not supposed to end up. This has an impact on the environment directly because we cannot recycle some of the parts inside it adding more pressure on the environment. For those looking to get rid of their electronics, Here are a list of Garbage Disposal Tips to get rid of your antiques (oops…old electronics)

Sell them on Kijiji, Craigslist or Amazon:

There are a lot of people who are interested in buying old electronics for a variety of reasons. Some like to recycle and re-use some of the older parts for their new projects. Others just like to collect antiques. Whatever the reason maybe, Selling your old electronics on classifieds is a real option. If you are really sick of the pile of junk and have no interest in selling them, contact your local disposal bin company and they will be able to help you dispose your electronics in an environmentally friendly manner.

Charitable Donation:

One man’s trash is another man’s gold. What you consider useless might be a real pleasure for another human being to use. As long as they are not broken and completely useless, people will always find something to do with them. Most charities accept anything you give them in order to either use them or sell them in fundraisers or auctions to raise money for a cause. So your antiques might benefit a lot more people than you think it will help.

Contact your local Waste Management Company to get rid of it:

Perhaps the best options. As I mentioned before in the sell them using classifieds sections – contact your local garbage bin rental company . This is probably your best bet for a hand-offs way to dispose of trash quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner. Dump-Squad is a local Disposal Bin Rental company based out of Woodbridge, Ontario. Contact Us today for any questions you may have about disposing old junk or any electronics you may have lying around collecting dust. Being one of the premier disposal bin companies in Toronto and the GTA, we will exceed your expectations!

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