Protecting your Property During Dumpster Rentals

Dumpster Rentals Damage

One major feature of the dumpster bin that can’t be overlooked is that they are usually large and heavy. This makes them an effective, easy and environmentally friendly choice when it comes to disposing renovation or remodeling debris your basic removal of junk. It’s also important you know how to handle them in order to avoid damage.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your dumpster.

1. Choose the right size dumpster
Consulting a professional will be the best and the first step necessary to take when choosing a dumpster bin. The size and nature of your waste are major factors to consider when choosing a dumpster. If your cleaning project is not that big, you can actually DIY, well, the smaller the better. But if otherwise, using a dumpster rental service will be a better option.

As mentioned earlier, the nature of your waste also comes into play. They are largely divided into two categories, mixed waste and clean fill. Mixed waste bins are used to collect household wastes, renovation or construction debris while clean fill are used for the collection of recyclable waste such as asphalt and concrete.

2. Find the most convenient space
Where is a convenient to place the dumpster bin would likely be the next the next thing that comes to your mind. But you’re still on missing on something, in fact, a very important thing.  The “most” convenient space to place your dumpster.

Dumpster should be as close as possible, clear and without obstacles. One more thing, the path to the dumpster should not be slippery to avoid injuries and littering of waste. Since it is usually heavy, it’s important to place it on a clear solid and flat surface.

You should consider not damaging your driveway while placing your dumpster. A very good hint here is to place a wooden blank beneath the dumpster. The best location is the driveway, but only if it meets the requirements listed below.

• Not blocking you or your neighbor’s driveway.
• Not an obstacle in you or your neighbor’s vision.
• There’s enough room for driveway entry and exit.

3. Give it a proper use
Dumpsters are made of metals, so they are not designed to hold some types of liquids such as any hazardous liquid like gasoline, pesticides, household cleaners, acid etc.Follow these steps, and also, speaking to a professional is important to keep your property safe while hosting a dumpster bin.


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