Reasons Why You Cannot Dispose of Batteries Easily!

Disposing Batteries

Disposing of Batteries is tedious process. We are all trying to environmentally responsible and certainly do our part to make this world a better place. However…have you ever wondered why batteries are so difficult to dispose off?

This article is designed to explain why and what problems are associated with the disposal of any form of batteries.

The Problems Caused by Batteries:

  • Dangerous for Sanitation Workers: Batteries endanger Sanitation Workers Jobs. It is already one of the most dangerous jobs in the world since they have to deal with heavy machinery as well as road accidents. Making things worse are all the potential hazards such as…acid from batteries.
  • Limited Disposal Options: Most Landfills and Disposal Facilities use heavy machinery and often need to be picked out manually. However, due to the high heat, they often explode causing a dangerous environment for everyone in the area.
  • Leakage: Batteries leak all the time, they go over gloves, equipment and worse…often find their way into groundwater.
  • Groundwater: All Landfills leak. It is impossible to keep the water out forever. However…water entering ground water is the not the same battery acid entering the groundwater and contaminating it. People who ingest this water will have serious health effects in the long run.

Damage Caused by Batteries:

  • Sanitation Worker Safety: They Endanger the lives of the Sanitation Workers in the Waste Transfer Station as well as Landfills
  • Brain Damage : When ingested, either through groundwater or inhaled through air can cause irreversible Brain Damage.
  • Skin Damage: It is known to cause problems to people’s skin, hair and outer nerves
  • Health Problems: In general, battery acid can cause quite a bit of problem for humans.

Would you like to be responsible for doing any of the above to an innocent human you have never met? Forget a stranger, most people would not wish this type of harm on their worst enemy. Our hope at Dump-Squad is that you understand the seriousness of the situation when it comes to disposing of batteries. Please keep careful and do your due diligence when it comes to disposing of batteries.

At Dump-Squad, we are more than happy to take batteries of your hand and dispose of them in a responsible manner! If you have any questions, we only an email or phone call away!

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