How To Recycle Makeup The Right Way

As we all strive daily not to affect our environments, we forget that those things that make us looks beautiful are making the earth uglier. Makeup has been in existence since the olden Egyptian as they make use of it to feel more appealing. But, our generation makes use of makeups more than ever. So, what is it we can do to make us look beautiful and at be environmentally conscious at the same time? Do we also think of the packaging that’s left when we’ve used up that eyeshadow or lipstick?

First, Do a Purge

Do your cleanup; look for some of your make up collections that can be recycled. Do you have unused make collections, that has been there for months or even years? Then it’s time to put them up for recycling.

How to

Take a look at that particular makeup that has been in your drawer or makeup bag first. You’ve been moving around with this specific makeup since your high school years. You are now into adulthood, then it should go. On the other hand, if you still have some useable makeup, you don’t like, give them to a friend. Local women’s shelter use them as well (where they can clean them up and give to people in need).

Check Product Labels

Some cosmetic manufacturers do provide recycling options to their customer so contact the company or look online for their recycling programs. The best part is that some companies provide buy-back option for empty containers and some other stewardship program. So, make some bucks back you can empty out any residual makeup from the container and then sanitize it to qualify for buy-back.

Recycling Centres

Finding your municipality’s recycling programs is another option. With municipality’s recycling programs you would be able to find out about a list of items that can be what can be recycled. Some of these programs don’t accept stuff like plastics straws, cling wrap and cutlery but accept ones like palettes and compacts. So, always make sure you clear them out before you dispose them into recycling containers.

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