Recycle, Reuse and More Tips to Reduce Renovation Waste

Research shows that a typical construction site will generate over 3.9 lbs. of construction waste per the facility square footage. This means that a home of 2,000 sq. ft. will create over 8,000 pounds of construction waste and a house of 4,000 sq. ft. will generate something around 16,000 pounds of construction waste.

This is a lot of waste – you might be wondering what the solution is? Then read the following steps to reduce renovation waste.


The best way to recycle and reuse is to follow a method called “pre-demolition dismantling”. An apparent example is following deconstruction stage. So, for instance, you can reuse materials like windows, tiles, lumber and plumbing fixtures in another project or recycle as needed. This will make your landfilling waste reduce.

Recycle and Reuse

When constructing or demolishing a building, there are some waste materials you can still reuse or recycle. Examples of materials you can reuse or recycle are glass, roofing, wood, concrete, plastic, drywall, asphalt, brick and metal.

Standard Dimensions

If you learn to use standard dimensions for your building initiatives, you’ll realize that you only won’t get to do the maximum amount of the cutting or neutering of materials as you’d if you were by yourself. And it’s the cutting and neutering that tends to get legion waste. You’ll conjointly save time by protruding with standard dimensions attributable to the very fact that you simply can solely get to do minimal cutting and neutering.

Allow us to Help

If you are still not sure about how you can recycle or dispose of your construction waste, then allow us to do the job for you. There are only three steps you will keep in mind, to use our service. The first is the type of bin you need; second your preferred drop off location; third is the loading of any junk and recyclables. This is a simple way for you not only to recycle and reuse but to be able to dispose of your non-recyclable the right way.

The listed above tips will help you to reduce renovation waste during your construction projects.

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