How To Reduce E Commerce Waste

Do you think your company doesn’t leave an environmental footprint because you only sell online? Then you might be getting it wrong! The fact is, ecological waste occurs both in e-commerce realm as well as in any other business. In fact, online shopping continues to be the leading cause due to the usage of cardboard for packaging items, which in the long run leads to waste.

Let’s take a look at some of the cause of e-commerce waste:

  • Improper processing

Are you following the right process when processing your items? Do you make use of many package items or are there cutbacks somewhere? Are sending your products in boxes and inside more boxes? Then you should start considering one box! Just because it’s recyclable doesn’t mean it’s necessary.

  • Producing too much

Production of an item before its usage constitutes to overproduction. An example is making more containers than you need. How about creating shelving that isn’t being used or won’t ever be used or how about, your staff coming up with ideas on how you can reduce packaging.

  • Transportation

Your mode of transportation does not increase the value of your product. So, you can reduce your packaging, by putting a place a faster and more efficient way to ship your product to your customers.

  • The waiting game

Always make sure to use your time efficiently, because time is money. Think about the time you have to process your next other. If you have to wait for another task to be completed, like waiting to use equipment, like a loader, that someone else is using.

  • Do you need that entire inventory?

Are you making use of the entire inventory in your warehouse? How long has it been on your floor? If you are not using them, then they are taking up your space, and it will be hard to move around. Getting rid of it will free up extra cash.

  • Mistakes

There is no antidote for this in all business; the only antidote is figuring out WHY. Why did that product get shipped in the wrong size package or why did it get sent out in a wrecked box? Defects happen from faulty materials in the production process.

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