Seven Innovative Ideas for Recycling Plastic Bottles

Environmentally Friendly Renovation Waste Disposal

There is a lot you will gain when you get creative with your trash – it’s not all about disposing and recycling. With all the plastic we use daily, it’s worth it to find a way we can reuse them. Fortunately, there are ways we can make them useful, creative, and even beautiful. We just need to think out of the box, and see it be more than just a bottle!

  1. Bottoms Up

When you take a good look at a plastic water or pop bottle, you will find out that, there is a flower-like shape. You can create a bouquet design, even a hanging tapestry when you cut the bottoms off of empty bottles.

  1. Light it Up

To light it up, you need an empty bottle, LED light module, colored water module. With this at hand, you can create a beautiful modern looking light that can be mounted or hung.

  1. Carton-to-Garden

You can give your garden a significant transformation and innovative look using a sturdier container. You can also use the bottoms of large pop bottles, or really, anything else you think would look great!

  1. Bottlecap Creativity

Saved bottle caps can lead to beautiful designs for larger scale design like the image above, or small scales like an art project or home decoration.

  1. Store It

As you can see above plastic bottle an also be used as storage and they are also aesthetically pleasing. You can create a great design by playing with different colors and textures of bottles.

  1. Stamp It

You only need a bottle and your preferred color paints; this I like the most fun and easiest method.

  1. Paint Right Over

It will be hard to tell you made your planters with recycled bottles! Plastic bottles can also be used as candle holders, storage e.t.c. all you need is a little skill, and they can even make great gifts.

When we talk about going green and affecting the environment positively, recycling is a meaningful way to consider.

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