Spring and Summer Cleanup Summarized

Summer Cleanup Toronto

Spring Cleanup and Summer Cleanup. Every Household in Toronto and the GTA goes through these phases and is something most take seriously. All throughout the winter, the junk seems to accumulate itself because you are less inclined to work in the winter (although lots of people do it). It is reality that most of us like to work in the warmer months.

Cleanup’s can be overwhelming. There is plenty of debris to get rid off, floors to sweep, carpets to vacuum and the list goes on. However, we here at Dump-Squad have created a quick list to try and help you work your way though the debris as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Spring Cleanup / Summer Cleanup Tips: 

  • Make your life easy by getting organized. Try and account for things you truly need to dispose off. This includes all broken, unused items that are laying around collecting dust.
  • Order your Disposal Bin Rental if needed.
  • Pressure wash your deck and bring out the Patio Furniture.
  • Clean all your windows and doors to allow as much light as possible.
  • Clean out all your kitchen cabinets and know what is in there. Dispose of any food waste you may have accumulated over the winter
  • Prioritize cleaning up your kitchen. As a place where food gets stores, the moist spring and summer heat will really bring out the odours of rotten food if not disposed off correctly.
  • Deep-Clean all your mats in the house. This includes material in the bathroom, living room as well as the kitchen.
  • Dust Weekly. Dust can accumulate over time and really impact the air quality in your house. This is a doorway to allergies to develop over time.
  • Clean your indoor garbage bins as well as your recycling and compost bins. The heat will only increase the amount of odour that it produces if it is not cleaned from time to time.

We hope these tips helped in some way. Dump-Squad is always a phone call or email away. We are always ready to help you in any way we can!

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