Tidy Up Your Cluttered Storage Room With These 5 Steps

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Your storage room is a probably a mess right now. This is as a result of not designating a particular space for keeping your items. You end up creating a cluttered storage room without knowing. Your storage room didn’t end up being untidy in a day, therefore, you should expect to designate a good amount of time in organizing the space.

The question now remains, how do you declutter your storage room?

1. Divide the room
You should consider creating some extra space by moving your items to one side of the room. This can be achieved by adding a lightweight half-room divider.

2. Improvise
Putting in a little creativity helps in the tidying up process of your cluttered room. Make use of any unused spaces to better shape things up and create more free space. You can also transform different things in order to be useful for other purposes. For example, you can transform a couch into a desk or table.

3. Add an Adjustable Bookcase
Cluttered spaces are usually filled with lots of papers, from bills and receipts to magazines and catalogues. Adding an adjustable bookcase will help in decluttering your storage room. Get rid of unused papers and keep the useful ones.

4. Use Storage Bins
Introduce shelves or bins to sort and store additional items you might have. You will end up having your items all over the place if you don’t have a spare closet. So the best way to go about it is to make use of storage bins or shelves.

5. Use Vertical Spaces to Your Advantage
One of the best ways to maximize on your space is to make use of the wall spaces. Bookcases and shelves are great examples of using vertical space. Introducing a multi-door storage unit with drawers that stack up to the ceiling, with the lower drawers acting as stairs for you to reach the top ones is a good idea and a better way to use the vertical spaces.

So as not to add to your woes and keep things in control, it’s better to take charge and reduce clutter. To make things easier, you can put together a personal clutter emergency kit comprised of large garbage bags, a vacuum cleaner, storage boxes, a broom and dust pan, markers and labels, and cleaning products. It’s important to clean the newly exposed surfaces after clearing the clutter. Speak to a waste disposal company to assist you with getting rid of the trash if you have a lot of junk you can’t possibly handle.


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