Tips For Cleaning Your Garbage Container

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Smelly trash cans are a terrible nightmare for every homeowner. But there are some steps and things you can do to keep your garbage container clean, less stinky and free of germs and bacteria. Sure, it’s a dirty job, but there is no shortcut around it, it has to be done if you need a clean and fresh saint container. Here is all you need to do to get rid of build up bacteria that contribute to bad odors:

  • Latex-free gloves
  • Paper towels or toilet rolls
  • Rags
  • Bleach or ammonia
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Long-handled brush
  • A nose cover
  • Water

With all this in place, you’re all set to clean and disinfect:

Protect Yourself

Its very important to put n place some protective measures, because garbage containers are the ideal dwelling place for germs and bacteria. So, wearing gloves is very important for you to protect yourself from bacteria and the products you’re making use of as disinfectants. If the smell is strong for you to withstand, then wearing a nose cover and old clothes are advisable.

Empty it out

Clearing out the trash in the can is the first thing to do when getting started. For both outdoor and indoor container, check for any traces of bugs or rodents in the container, and get rid of them ASAP.


Also, make sure you rinse in the shower or a bathtub when clearing out an indoor can. Also, rinising your outdoor bins with hot water, is an ideal option. Fill about a quarter of the can or container with warm water and rinse thoroughly.

Add the Disinfectant

Here is a crucial step, add at least one-third and one-quarter of a cup of bleach or ammonia (don’t mix the two together and also be careful not to get the disinfectant on your clothing).


Allow the bleach or ammonia to soak in the can for about a half hour (it all depends on how smelly and bad the bin is). With this method, you will be able to get rid of bacteria smell, and all the dirt and grime will be thoroughly loosened.

Scrub time

To get rid of any smells and residue, make use of your rag or scrub brush to clean the bin’s surfaces in and out. Make sure you scrub well and get rid of all bacteria, as a small portion of it can quickly repopulate the whole can.

Remove water

After all, the listed above method, dump out the water and leave it to air dry (sun drying is the best option). So, make sure the can is completely dry before you return it inside or put in a new bag.

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