Tips for Disposal Bin Rentals in the Winter!

Disposal Bin Rental Toronto

Holidays are coming and as you’re about to embrace the new season, home maintenance is on about-turn! The holiday season is known with presentation of gifts and celebrations. Therefore, you will need to get rid of trash and leftovers from the celebrations, create space for new gifts and may also need to renovate the house for the new season.

To successfully carry out this tasks, you may need to consider renting a disposal bin. Hiring a standard Junk removal service is not usually the best option to discard large amount of garbage for homeowners, households and businesses. If you had consider doing some winter cleaning at your home or business, a home renovation or remodeling, renting a garbage disposal bin is a great way to achieve that. As you have decided to rent a disposal bin for this winter cleaning, here are some useful tips to explore.

Contact your local authorities and professionals
To avoid going against the law or getting fined eventually, it is highly advisable to contact your local authorities to ascertain if you require a permit to place a garbage disposal bin in the street or near your residence. Also, seek advice from professionals on how to handle or maintain the disposal bins, and the content you are not to throw in the bin.

Prepare some space
To put things in order, it is highly recommended that you prepare a space the bin before it arrives.  Clear any ice or snow present, and if the area is slippery, consider salting it. This is to prevent slippery and other accidents. It is also proper to create this space along the driveway.

Always keep the disposal bin closed
Moisture from ice could cause precipitation, so you have to keep the bin closed at all times. During the winter, latches and fasteners could easily get frozen and difficult to handle. To prevent this, make sure you always cover them or consider heating them a bit if that does not work.

Choose a suitable bin size and keep the bin clear
Ask a professional to suggest a suitable disposal bin size if you’re unsure of the quantity of the debris to dispose. This will prevent spillage from overfilling. Also, keep the bin area clear; do not set anything beside, in front, behind or on top of the garbage bin.

Protect yourself and be safety conscious

Avoid direct contact when handling the disposal bin. During winter, it is likely that the skin will freeze to the cold metal, which can be irritating or at worse, results into minor injury. Always wear an overall, gloves and boots to help safeguard you.


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