Tips For Recycling Old Wood

Roofing Dumpsters

Do you know out of all the recyclable items, woods are one of the easiest to recycle? The best part is you’re also doing an excellent service to the environment. There are many things you can use recycled wood for; some of them are for cooking, heating, or building new items like furniture and toys. So, below are some of the best ways to recycle wood and other wood products.

A Swinging Pallet Bed

If you have a port near you, then you can easily get wooden pallets. You can also find them for free in some areas. These pallets can be turned into decks, bed or bed swings. You can tie this bed swings with rope and add some comfy mattress and pillows to create a relaxation spot for yourself.


One other thing you can do with wood pieces is a shelve that sits in brackets affixed to the wall. If you go through recycling containers, you’re likely to find pieces that have been discarded. They are perfect for holding pretty collectibles, flowers or plants, and add a rustic charm to space.


With a great imagination and skill, you can use discarded wood for stuff like tables, headboards, chairs, stools and more. You will be proud you built this by yourself as they will be a conversation piece.

Light Up Your World

Wood is not an exception when you have the idea of creating Lamps. Driftwood is especially nice for these kinds of projects. Just buy a light kit from any hardware store that is close to you and follow the instructions online or the directions.

Build it back

So, you have some piece of wood, why don’t you build it back into something unique? You don’t have to demolish a wall before you can give them a new look. A wall made of different shapes and colors of wood would look great and unique

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