Tips To Get Bad Smells Out Of A Garbage Disposal

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When it comes to the organic waste that accumulates in your kitchen, garbage disposals can quickly get rid of them. However the smell over the time might start pissing you off, but you don’t have to stress over this. With the few steps highlighted below, you will be able to take the unpleasant odor out of your garbage disposal easily.

Cleaning Materials

What if we tell you that, right inside your home there are lots of materials available for cleaning your garbage disposal?  Some of these materials include a scrub brush or nylon brush, soap, ice, baking soda, kosher salt and lemon peels.

Cleaning Method

To get rid of the odor that comes from food particles and other refuse, simply boil water for about one minute and rinse your garbage disposal through with it. Below is a practical way to follow. Half fill the basin with water again (warm water preferably) but make sure you block it with a rubber stopper. After filling with water, then add your ingredient, be it baking soda, detergent, salt or some other agent. Leave for some minute, and use a brush to thoroughly clean any leftover residue after this remove the rubber stopper and allow the water pass through (you can use cleaning agents to finish the job. With this method, you can easily get rid of whatever odor is still lingering.

Odour Prevention

As with everything’s you do, always remember prevention is better than cure. If you can easily take some precautions, this will save you from the stress of getting rid of bad odors. The first thing to avoid is exposing your garbage disposals to organic materials that are not okay for it. Avoid putting in celery, fruit and egg shells. Finally, get rid of excess materials that might still be around by running the machine for a little longer than you think is necessary.

The bottom line is if you follow the strategies mentioned above on a regular basis you can easily prevent odors. This will not only be good for your garbage disposals but you as well.  So, give us a call today and let us help you with your entire kitchen cleaning.

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